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    Reagarding Infolinks

    I am using Techulator from a long time, and I have also registered for Infolinks suddenly when I came to know about that. But so far I have not even crossed $1 with my Infolinks account. And the minimum payout really made me surprised, i.e, $50. I guess that is very tough for every one to cross the minimum payout level. I would like to ask the other members of Techulator about there money reports with their Infolinks account. Please suggest me if there is any other option with which I can earn better. Also suggest me with the correct steps to apply for those alternatives.
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    It has been made clear long back that infolinks cannot help you earn much. Besides, Techulator does not allow you to use more than ONE ad types. If you use more than one ad types, your infolnks or ad earnings will be disabled. Please check it is happening with your account.
    Even if that is not the case with your account, I can assure you that there is not much you can earn with info links even when you use it on your own website without any kind of restrictions.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    There is nothing to check for me Timmapapa Kamat as I'm only using Infolinks on Techulator. And I also know that we can't earn much with the Infolinks.

    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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    Hello everyone,
    This is Sandy from Infolinks. Glad to be joining the conversation. There are a few things I though you should know.
    You don't need to have a big site in order to earn with Infolinks. We have sites from all types and sizes that work with us for many years. We have a large variety of smart ads that suit different kinds of needs. In addition to that, Infolinks is both a great AdSense alternative and a compliment – so you can definitely use both at the same time and get great results.
    Regarding your income – it takes our algorithm a few days to study your site, and to start earning. So please be patient and give it chance :)
    You can also contact our support team for some great optimization tips that will help you get the best out of our services -

    Thanks and have a great day!

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    You need a good traffic, at least around 1000 on your pages if you want to earn something solid from Infolinks. I was making around $6-$8 from it when there was no restriction regarding the ad units allowed on our pages. However, now both my traffic is down as I am not writing that frequently and also as my ad units are very less my earnings from Infolinks are in the same pace as of everyone else.

    Let me put this in perspective, if you are making $100 from AdSense monthly, only then expect to make around $5 from Infolinks in the same month.

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    What Ankit says is true. Since there is a restriction on the number of ad units as per the new policy implemented earlier this year + necessity to get high traffic, Infolinks will not get us good earnings at all. It seems it is better if you get the majority of traffic from USA. Check out this old discussion: How are your earnings from Infolinks ads at Techulator?

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