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    Suggestion to Add a new feature to our site

    This is a suggestion to add a new feature to our site - Techulator. The new feature for which I am suggesting is to add a button in our profile on which we can click to know the total time we have been online or logged-in on Techulator. The reason behind this suggestion is that when I suggest anyone to join our site and share my TEC journey with them, the very first thing they ask to me is how much time it require to earn well there, (Every one is greedy as time is precious for all)! So it will be great if we can know about the total time we have been online on our site so as to tell those people a approx time and that will really encourage them. I hope Mr. Tony will spare some time to reply on this thread.

    Techians, What would you say about this suggestion?
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    That's a good suggestion, Aman. Let me bring it to the attention of the team. Let us see what do they they think of it.
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    The time being online is a very difficult metric to calculate in case of websites. When you access a page, the page is downloaded to the computer and then the reader can stay on the page as long as he wants. The server will never know if the person is still on the site or he has left. For this reason, the online tracking is never accurate.

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    #Tony sir,
    Thanks for your active participation in this thread. But can't we even have a approx time?


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    I am not really sure how exactly it will help. After all, sometimes we are just in and out for a few minutes, responding in forum threads. At other times we may be spending an hour or two. At yet other times all that we may be doing is browsing through various posts of members. So even if there was a timer, it will hardly tell us in qualitative terms (and thereby benefiting in terms of earnings) what we did. You can always tell your friends generally that one can even spend about an hour or so to get some earnings. This hour could be spent answering Ask Expert queries and submitting articles prepared in advance so that these can be posted as soon as one logs in to

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