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    Is it Ok to put keywords in the tags box for an AE query?

    There is a box for Tags where we can put 2-3 keywords when submitting a question in the Ask Expert section. Should we use this feature or not? Is there any rule against using it to avoid spamming? Does any member know if this was discussed earlier? If so, can you give the URL of the page where it is mentioned whether or not we should put in tags?
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    That field is not used anymore. It was supposed to be removed long back. Please don't use it.

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    Thanks Tony Sir for the clarification. I did use it unfortunately for a couple of my latest posted questions. Can an editor check my most recent questions and remove the tags now?

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    Even I had this questions in mind whenever I was about to submit a question in the AE section. But since I am not much active in asking questions, I just left it at that.
    The update by Tony sir is really helpful for the members who regularly post questions in the section.

    Live....and Let Live!

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