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    This question of mine isn't showing its traffic

    Just going through the questions, I found today that this particular question of mine isn't showing any traffic data, saying no data available. what can be the reason?

    Here is the question

    When to apply for google adsense if you own a wordpress website
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    Anwesha, I would request you to check it again. I could find that it has been showing traffic. Maybe there were some temporary problems with the database.

    Please check it now and confirm.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Yes it is showing just now. So it is showing the data only for today. That is, it is showing total 4 page visits both for all time and for today. That means it wasn't collecting page view data till yesterday.

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    Well, I am at loss to understand how does the "Check traffic" feature works. Your question shows 4 page views for today and all time. But if you choose some other option like 30 days or last one year( I don't remember which), it shows 43! I have always been in a confused state when it comes to understanding the traffic.

    Hope to see any of the webmasters coming up to explain a thing or two.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    I am permanently confused about the Check Traffic feature! I had even raised a query about this a couple of months back: Check traffic feature feedback but I think the issue remained unresolved. I will forward this thread to the Webmasters to get some clarification & dispel our confusion.

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    I also don't understand the Check Traffic feature of When I check the traffic of my post, it shows less views if I see all time traffic and when I see the traffic of the past year, it shows more than all time traffic. Which one is correct, I am confused.

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