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    What happens to those AE Questions which crosses 1000 visits?

    I have seen quite a number of times members declaring that their AE questions have crossed 1000 visits. I guess there must be some extra benefit to that, but till date I am unaware of the rule about it.

    I know being so long here I should have known by now, but somehow I missed it. Now I have tried searching for it, but couldn't find it yet. Friends please let me know and don't laugh at me.
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    No problem my friend. There is nothing to laugh at you. I'm here to help you. Actually, the questions which crosses the 1000 visitors line are credited by Tony sir for an extra cash amount. I guess Rs 100 is added to each question for crossing or fetching more than 1000 visitors for Techulator. Its really a good step to increase the encouragement level of members to post good questions in the Ask Expert (AE) section. I hope you have understand this now. If not, then you can ask me again to tell you more clearly.

    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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    Anwesha, The Ask Experts questions crossing 1000 views get Rs.100 extra credits. However, the question is verified of whether it has received organic traffic before deciding on whether it is eligible for the award.

    As an off topic suggestion - I would request the members to stay on topic while discussing an issue. I am referring to response no #22780 and 22782 in this thread. You can always send private messages for correcting such errors. Hope to see the members sticking to the guidelines.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Actually Aman posted this reply before I made the changes, and so I had to clarify him here itself. It wasn't intentional from either side. I would request the editors to delete them, if required.

    Another thing is, such occurances (like irrelevant or wrong posts) would reduce, if members are given the permission to delete their posts. I might not have started this thread at all, if I could delete the original post.

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    It is Ok to make genuine mistakes and rectifying it. If we allow members to delete their posts, the feature is likely to be abused. Just as in other sections, once something is posted, it becomes the copyrights of the site. It is best that the editors and Webmasters decide whether or not a post should be deleted.

    If at all any member feels that one of their forum threads needs to be deleted, he/she can contact me directly with a request & reason why the thread should be deleted. I will check it out and do the needful.

    Also, note that if the text is changed, then accordingly the URL in the browser should reflect the new title. For this, the file name needs to be changed. So accordingly inform a forum editor through a message for this to be done.

    As for the benefit of getting 1000 page views, you can refer to #4 at this page: Ongoing Awards & Rewards in Techulator


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    Yes Vandana, I can understand that in cases of articles, but in forum or ask expert sections how can one misuse this feature? They cannot re use it anyway, it won't be relevant anywhere else, and no other benefit is related to such posts. I am saying this, because I have seen many irrelevant posts in Forum and even if someone has a second thought of deleting something after posting, he cannot. That becomes also an unnecessary burden for the editors to take up that work.

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    I can think of a way to misuse the feature, but naturally will not reveal it here! Also, it is not to be considered as an unnecessary burden for the editors to delete something after it was posted inadvertently. It is part of their work & they are duty-bound to do fulfil their role as editors.


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    My point when I pointed it out was just to request members to stay on topic. Suggestions or corrections on spelling errors or anything else can be discussed or corrected using private messaging feature.
    I know Anwesha that Aman had begun this off topic discussion, but you could have stayed away or could have pointed it out him via private message. Having a thread with irrelevant responses would not do any good for either the site or for us members.
    I just hope that the members understand.
    @ Aman, please refrain from correcting members for the spelling errors and / or posting errors in the concerned thread. Please use the private messaging feature for such communication. You have been asked several times before, you have been agreeing to take care next time and repeat it again.

    Please avoid it in future. Let us strive together to make it a better site.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    It was just the same way as you had to correct us through this thread itself Timmappa. Hope you would now able to see the point.

    Also please note the fact, that you have raised two different responses with the same subject matter even after my request to the webmasters to delete those two "irrelevant" responses of ours.

    And none of us had stretched our responses this long as you had to do to "explain" the rules and "correct" us with the same "incorrect" method. And very little has been written about the subject matter which the thread has been raised about.
    Hope this won't be repeated either.

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    [Response removed by Admin. Read forum policies.]

    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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    Oh my God Vandana...I didn't realize that fact. May be you are right, Indians are genius in misuses. And regarding the burden I was talking about is because, I felt editors here might have to deal with loads of data, where small things like deleting one's own post could have made it a little bit easier, (I thought).

    Anyway, the answer to this question is resolved now, so I request the webmasters to lock the thread for further responses.

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    I hope this unnecessary tense among members will be solved soon :)

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