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    Suggestions to make this website superb is good for earning money.But some suggestions are there from my side you can also send all suggestions in this thread.

    1) Description writing box is covered by advertising means advertising to be placed at proper place
    as we are not able to see what we are typing at right hand side end.
    2)For answering question every time we have to start from first (i.e. the questions we skipped once should not appear in the list so that every time its not required to surf the questions.
    3) Best and simple solution to above question surfing issue is to have list of all the question (atleast list of some question and next button below or on top
    4) Withdrawal limit for the cash should be reduced at least to Rs.100/200/500/800/1000.For small amount there should be recharge option if other small payment method is not possible.This will encourage newly joined members.
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    First of all, thanks a lot Gopal for coming up with a few good suggestions for the betterment of the site. It shows that you are serious about the working of Techulator.
    Now coming to your suggestions, I would point out my views about the same -

    1. I guess you are using your smartphone to browse the site. You can use ad blocking to keep the ads at bay while posting content. However, please remember that the site earns because the ads. You will not face any issues you mentioned while browsing the site on desktop.

    2. Please remember, most of us - myself included - tend to respond to easier questions first and skip the tougher ones (or those which need further study) to be answered later. So, having an option you asked for would not be a better one.

    3. As above.

    4. This issue has been discussed before. The admin has stated clearly that it would not be feasible to provide a lower payout amount than what is currently stipulated. It is just to reduce administrative costs.

    Please refer to this thread.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Gopal is right. even from my laptop, I am unable to see the right portion of the page, be it a post from my side, or just going through any announcement page, etc.

    I was also suggested by the webmaster to adjust the settings so that the ads will not appear on the right side, but won't that hamper the earnings of the site?

    Moreover, sometimes, when we come back online after some time, techulator asks us to log in again. that time the page doesn't load according to my personal settings. So ads appear as usual, and unless I sign in, I can see only parts of the page and its information.

    I too think, ads should not overlap the content, and if that is happening even in smartphones, it isn't a good thing. Nowadays, we cannot expect people to be on their desktop or laptop to access any site. that will act negatively for the site.

    Hope Webmasters take some quick actions on it.

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    Well, thanks for that update, Anwesha. I access Techulator either on PC or my smartphone. I get this problem on my phone, but get it working perfectly on my PC. I haven't accessed TEC on a laptop because I don't have one.
    If that is actually the case, I would request webmasters to resolve the issues.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Glad to know your keen interest in improving our site. I will refer the issue of the ads to the Webmasters. Please wait for their response.

    Regarding reduction in payment, you can check out this thread.


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    Thanks for the all the suggestions.

    We are developing a new layout for the site and it is work in progress. Due to the size of the site, it may take several weeks to complete the development but please bear with us. A lot of technical issues will be resolved in the new site.

    Regarding lower payout, in addition to the administrative costs, we have many other issues to handle. An example is, spammers. Many spammers manage to cheat us and get their content approved in the beginning. They do smart copy pasting or article spinning which are hard to identify. Such people earn a few hundred rupees easily. It will take a while for us to identify such problems and take action. A higher payout rate will give us ample time to identify such people and take action before they get paid.

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    Yes I hope our website will look professional after development and you people will be able to solve all the technical issues.And we will together make the site superb !

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    Another point I forgot to discuss about is in forum i.e. in Contest & Award page we first see the old updates /discussion i.e. starting from 2014 , some times in between post is new i.e. 2015 and in middle 2013 update.In one line I mean to say that there should be proper sequence starting from latest dates and ending towards old.I hope this will be changed in order as said above

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    When somebody pulls up a thread to put in a new response, I think the threads may not appear as per sequential dates.


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    Yes this may be the reason of it but just think how its difficult to search new post in that.There may be solution of this also.May be admin can block the thread if no more response required .Actually all these stuff are in design of the web so expert can do this

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    The forum threads do appear in sequence with respect to date of latest response to it. I would say this is the right approach as we we will be able to get to see the latest happening in the forum.
    To make you understand it properly, suppose someone posts a response to a thread started in 2014. As soon as the post is submitted, the concerned thread will come up to the first place In the list. That's because even if the thread is one year old, the new response makes it new.
    As for blocking old threads, forum editors regularly engage into this activity from time to time. Even when it is not done, the thread is closed when it is observed being pulled up unnecessarily.

    Live....and Let Live!

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