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    What is Reward for Editing

    After long break due to some personal reasons I am back to work but I want to know about reward for editing what it is ?
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    Though I might not be perfect to give this answer. But though I am telling what I think, as the name itself suggests that Reward for Editing means the rewards which editors gets for editing. Editors are also payed for their editing work. We can simply conclude this from observing the profiles of editors on the Gift and Reward page.

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    Reward for editing is what the editors get for the editing tasks they perform on the site. There are certain specific criteria for allotment of editing rewards.
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    You can go to the Cash Credit page, then select from the left options, Order by Date, and from the right options select "reward for editing". There you would get a list of cash credits allotted to the editors.

    but yes, I still don't have any idea, how much award is given for the different types of editing, like for resources, forums and ask experts.

    If you have any friends in Techulator who is an editor here, you can simply ask them through private message. It all depends, if they don't mind sharing that information.

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    The amount the editors get for the various sections is confidential information and we cannot disclose it even through personal messages. If a member gets selected to the editorial team, then he/she will be informed about the payment offered for his/her work in a particular section.


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    Yeah, that means I guessed it right. So, the only other option left for Joy Joon is following the cash credit page.

    Thanks Vandana for clearing it off at your earliest.

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    Well, I do not think there is any need for a regular member to check for the editing rewards or the amount got for individual.sections. The member just wanted to know what this reward for editing means, and hopefully, he has now understood it. That should be sufficient information, isn't it?
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