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    Article contest on Windows 10 errors and solution Winners

    Dear Members,
    This is with reference to our earlier announcement for "Article contest on Windows 10 errors and solutions topic", find the winners as follows;

    The winners of the Best Article contest on the topic Windows 10 errors and solutions Article award goes to the below articles:

    Troubleshooting Windows 10: Will That Work?. The author of the article is Anwesha.

    How to fix Windows 10 Sound Errors. The author of the article is Mahesh.

    How to fix errors that occur while upgrading to Windows 10. The author of the article is Tech tête-à-tête.

    The Prize (Rs 250) will be added on respective profiles.

    Good work from Tech members, thanks to all the participants in this contest and Congratulations to the Winners.
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    Congratulations Anwesha, Mahesh and Tech tête-à-tête for acheving this prestigious award of "Article contest on Windows 10 errors and solution". Your articles are really great and are well written. Well, Anwesha and Mahesh are doing great work on Techulator. So I would say keep it up to them. And I would also suggest tête-à-tête (Juana) to come back on Techulator as I haven't seen her posting anything from a long time. So I would encourage her to come back on Techulator with her valuable content. Once again congratulations to all the winners for this award and best of luck to all the other members for the future announcements.

    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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    Congratulations Mahesh, Anwesha and Juana for those wonderful contributions and the resulting wins in the contest. Mahesh looks like an expert in the field of software. His contributions are always top notch and filled with useful information.
    Congratulations once again. I egg on all of you to keep contributing to the fullest of your abilities.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Hearty congrats Congratulations Anwesha, Mahesh and Juana for your wins in this contest. Each of your entries was unique in its own way and useful to those having the varied Windows 10 error problems as mentioned in your articles.

    Anwesha - the third image seems to be too large and I did not quite understand how it fits in that particular section.


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    Thank you Hafeez for the announcement and also to all friends for your motivating and encouraging words. It feels equally rewarding to receive them. The result was a much awaited one, and I am feeling really elated to be one of the winners.

    Vandana_ that particular image was to show the options that Windows 10 is offering as methods to troubleshoot the probable difficulties.

    Just want to know, if I try to re-size that image, how would it be processed, in the sense, will it again go to new submission and do I need to send a special message to the editors through the advanced options?

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    If the editors are Ok with the image, no need to re-size it. If they had an issue with it, they would have left a note for you. I was just wondering about it as once I too had put a large size image and was instructed by the Webmasters to re-size it. Probably your image is not as large as mine was, so just let it be. Why needlessly edit and re-send your article to new submission?!


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    Thank you Timmappa, those encouraging words are much appreciated.

    Congratulations to Anwesha and Juana too.

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    Thanks Vandana, even I got the same message in on or two of my articles. Exactly which one, I am not able to remember. So, nowadays I am being careful of not uploading big sized images any more.

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