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    Does points which are not checked from AE section include in MOM Award?

    I have seen people are not much participating in AE section. so thought to give a try to get MOM award for AE section. some of my answer have not been checked by editors till now. so, will the points after editors check my answer will be added to my monthly points for the award?
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    Normally, awards are not announced till all the contributions for the particular period are reviewed. And please note that points alone do not count for the announcement of awards. The Member of the month award is announced after each section is completely reviewed.
    You will not be able to win MOM only on the basis of AE section alone. Contribute in all the sections and try to be on top for the particular period.

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    Srujan Shoxx,
    Points are not only the factor which is considered to give Member of the Week or Member of the Month awards on Techulator. There are some other factors also which are looked for giving award on Techulator. Though so far I have observed that you need to be on top in a specific period of time for which you would like to achieve award along with some quality content. Also there is no Member of the Month award for only Ask Expert (AE) section. There is only the Super Contributor award for the Ask Expert section for which you must cross the 100 points limit and should be included in the top three contributors along with some valuable content. Member of the Month award on Techulator is given on Techulator considering the overall performance of a member in the whole month and including every section of Techulator. There is no compulsion that a member "will not be able to win MOM award only on the basis of AE section alone", you can even win the MOM award only by Ask Expert section also but then you will have to be on the Top of the list for whole month, your contributions should be very high. Though it is really very difficult but not Impossible!


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    Thanks, to both of you. I really need to understand techulator more.

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    Don't worry my friend. I am here to help you. If you have any doubt regarding our site then please start a new Forum thread and we will be more happy to participate there.

    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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    Some advice from me: spread your wings. Do not restrict yourself to just the Ask Expert section and the forum. Start contributing good quality articles. You can write simple articles too if you are not too confident of writing hi-tech articles on software. For example: a review of your own mobile phone or of any gadgets / appliances you have at home, an app you used, an online shopping experience, etc.

    The articles section is the main section where you can get high points and cash credits and be eligible for the member of the month award.


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