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    A New Error on Techulator

    Today I observed a new error on Techulator, and to improve our site, I just started this thread. A short description about the error - While contributing on Techulator today, I just observed that one my response to a Forum thread is no more. I posted a response in one of the Forum thread and well, it got posted and I have seen the page again with my response. But after some time I found that my response is completely hidden from that thread, even from the "New Post" page and the points were also reduced for that response. This is the second time I have observed this kind of error on Techulator. And I am also sure that it has not been done by any editor. So where did my response gone? I would like to discuss this with the Tony sir.
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    I request Tony sir to look into this as soon as possible as this is turning to irritate me. I have observed this error many times today. Please fix this error.

    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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    Aman it would be easier for the webmasters to locate and solve your problem, if you can give a link to that particular response.
    As it would be a hard job for them to guess or search for a thing if you don't provide any clue. I would also request you to include that clue in the thread description itself without creating another response to it, as that may go unnoticed by the editors or webmasters.
    Hope things get going soon.

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    Sorry for the late response. I could not locate any such thread. Note that as such there is no such thing as a hidden response. It will disappear only if rejected but will never be hidden. Even if points are reduced, the response itself with your name to it remains intact and we can see it. The text of a response is what can be hidden if, say, minus points are given (such as being copied content or spam), but that text is visible to the editors in case we need to check later why the points were minused.

    As Anwesha said, it would be best to always give the URL in your thread post itself for quick reference.


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