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    Regarding some Questions in the AE section

    Today, I posted a question in the AE section regarding the OTG connectivity for the trending Gionee F103 smartphone. As I was not aware regarding the required length for a question to be posted in the AE section, I tried to post my question with only 204 words and then I got this message - "Content is too short. Must be atleast 250 letters. Current length is 204. Provide all relevant information about the topic you are trying to post and if needed. Please note that if you add irrelevant or low quality text, your post may be rejected. "
    And this message really made me surpised as I have seen many question with just one line description. So how could those questions get approved by the editors? The links for some of those questions are here- Does Moto X Play support OTG cable ?
    Does Micromax Canvas Play 4G support OTG ?
    Does Micromax Canvas Fire 4G support OTG ?
    Does Micromax Canvas Blaze 4G support OTG ?
    These were some of those approved questions with just 1 line description. So was that message only for me? I would like to clear this doubt with Tony sir or any editor for better understanding.
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    Please be assured that it is not message that was particularly meant for you. All of us get the same.e message asking us to post the description in at least 250 words. This is in order to dissuade members from posting ambiguous one liner questions without any further description. Most of the times, such questions remain to be vague and it would be tough for the members to come up with suitable responses. That does not mean you can drag your description in an unintelligible way just to make it minimum 250 words. In such cases, the question stands the fate of getting rejected.
    But, it so happens at times that the editors may decide to truncate the description by removing the words they deem to be unnecessary. So the final question that gets posted will have a one line description.

    Hope this clears everything.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Timmappa, what I think Aman is trying to say is, the message appeared to him, even when other questions were processed with lesser amount of words.
    The other thing is, Aman mustn't have wanted to stretch his question, otherwise this message wouldn't have appeared. But then, if that is the rule, what other option is there other than stretching the description?

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    I do understand what Aman is trying to point out. I have faced this myself. Whenever you post a question in the AE section, you are advised to give the description in 250 words or more. It is an automatic message and has been in place to make sure that members do not post one liner ambiguous descriptions as explained above.
    You can add some additional information without having to be unnecessarily stretching it. As in the case of Aman's query, he can add a couple of words about the device in question. Later on, editors can remove the description that they think is not needed.
    There isn't a workaround as of now.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    What Timmappa is saying seems to be valid. Aman is seeing shorter responses in those Ask Expert answers probably because those have already been reviewed by the editors who will likely have removed any needless extra words. Thus, the response gets shortened in terms of letters.

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