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    Win a free Apple TV - who is the winner?

    Like me, did any of you participate in the special program to try and win an Apple TV, which was offered to TECians in collaboration with Lockerdome? I presume it was a lucky draw based on points accumulated through the 'Do More' button. Does anybody know when the winning member's name will be announced? Will it be announced by the Techulator admn. or by Lockerdome officials any idea?

    Are you excited to know the result?!
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    Yes Vandana, even I tried once for it, but lost patience in between as I really didn't understand the system that well.
    But I would definitely want to know who is the winner and how it all happened.

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    Even i did to try out my luck, if anyone knows who is the winner please say.

    srujan shoxx

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    Initially I did try, but having to repeat the same tasks everyday I just lost interest.
    How to check the winner's name?

    Live....and Let Live!

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    The contest was not for Indians. Ref:

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    Oh My God! That's why it's so important to read terms and conditions before entering into any contest. All of us became fools then!
    Live....and Let Live!

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    There had been a query at ISC about it (there it is for an Apple iPad Mini). In the forum thread, a person by the name of Tony Auck had stated that it was open to all from around the world. I think Tony Sir too had confirmed this some time back, though where & when I am not too sure.


    At the lockerdome page, it states "Awaiting winner announcement. Come back soon!"


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    Good that we haven't invested much time on that. Sometimes laziness also pays. I won't feel guilty about it any more. But jokes apart, it would have been better if Techulator wouldn't have displayed so prominently.

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    I feel that if some program is not meant for participants of India, the Webmasters should announce it as such in the forum. In fact, when launching any such collaboration itself members should be informed via a forum announcement to make everyone aware of it. It was prominently displayed too so we did become aware of it but then we all assume it is meant for global participants, including Indians. I think it is very unfair to offer some program like this if we are ineligible for the prizes. After all, which members from other countries are here who are regular contributors?!

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