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    When will the winners be announced on the Windows errors article contest?

    Now it has been more than one and a half months that the article contest on Windows Errors has been there. Even the thread has been locked for new responses over than many weeks. Other contests took place as well in due course, but the winner announcement has not been done so far. Now we are all waiting for that announcement. Hope to get to see it soon, which would motivate us further to participate in the ongoing and coming up article writing contests.

    Hope other members are on the same boat and agree to this point as well. Please share your opinions.
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    Your concern is quite understandable Anwesha. Having to wait for the announcements of contest results can be quite frustrating. Apart from the contest you mentioned, there are a couple of other contests which are awaiting results..

    Let me bring it to the attention of the webmasters. Hope they will speed up the process.

    Meanwhile, keep up with your pace without the need for any demotivation.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Yes, there are 3 contests for which we are awaiting results as I mentioned in the other thread which announced a new category for our articles section. When results of more than one contest are still to be announced, I feel new members will hesitate to participate in the newer contests.

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    I guess I should agree with you, Vandana. Having a couple of unannounced contest results could be no issue, but as of now, there are more than that, I suppose.
    We wish webmasters will soon come up with some decision.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Mostly everyone is eager to see the announcements of all the pending awards and results of the contests. Though I know its really hard to wait, I request you to wait for some more time to have all the announcements. There could be three reasons according to me for not announcing the awards:
    1. Mr. Hafeez could be very busy nowadays.
    2. As we have seen that Mr. Hafeez usually announce many awards on the same day. So he might be waiting for the end of this month so that he can announce all the pending awards like - MOW, Results of the Contests, Super Contributor awards for AE section, Article section and the Forum section on the same day, which will really save his time.
    3. I guess some contributions are still unchecked by the editors so announcing the awards now will not be a great choice.

    Even my contributions are yet not checked by the editors. But still I don't pester the editors for these things now. As I know the contributions will be surely reviewed one day - if not today, than tomorrow, if not tomorrow than the day after tomorrow, but surely on one day. So I just hope all my contributions will be checked soon including in the Product section and the article section. And then I will be more than happy to see the announcements of all the pending awards. I don't wanna loose awards even this time, so please try to understand and hope for the best.
    A add here is that - you have mistakenly typed this "Please share yourr opinions." in your Forum thread. Here "your" is typed as "yourr". I hope you will make the necessary changes soon.


    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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    Thanks for query, please wait for few more days as I have to cross-check various parameters, clear them and announce the result as first preference for "Article contest on Filing taxes online".

    Rest of the contests result would be announced soon too.

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    Thanks Hafeez for your response. Now its fine, we can wait a few more days, but wish that it doesn't take too long.

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