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    What are your views on apps for food ordering?

    Everything we do in day to day life has now become more and more dependent on apps these days. One of such apps we have grown up to be dependent on are the food ordering apps. There are many of them like foodpanda and TinyOwl.
    Have you used any of them? What are your experiences with the interface and the usability?
    I would invite the fellow members to share your views.
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    Actually, we have made plans quite a number of times but still it didn't take place. But we do order online Pizza every now and then.
    Once or twice, they embarrassed us by not delivering in time, when guests were around, and finally they also told that they are not able to deliver at all.
    But hungry souls do not get perturbed by all that, so we continue to order and very soon these are going to be in our hot list. Boon for lazy cooks like me.

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    I have not used any such apps. However, I think it is a very convenient tool especially if one gets unexpected guests and are all in a dither about preparing something at the last minute. As Anwesha's experience proves, though, efficiency is the key to the success of any app. Who will bother to use it if you are repeatedly going to goof up on the service (in her case punctuality was the key) promised?

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    Of late, it seems an app named TinyOwl has been making some good progress. It is believed to have a good customer service in place and also has been quite professional in their commitments.
    They do not have an All-India presence as of now, sadly.

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    Timmappa Kamat,
    I have not yet ordered any food item from apps. The reason behind this is that my home is very near to the market and even I don't even go far from my home. As my school is also in the next row to my house. So I personally feel that there is no need to order any food item from apps. I am healthy enough (fit) to go to the market for buying any food item. Though I am thinking to order Pizzas and other food item on my birthday online for my parents. Well, still I will go out with my friends to celebrate my birthday.


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    Aman, please note that these apps are not for ordering day to day food. Kindly watch the responses by Vandana and Anwesha above. These apps really turn out to be big boon when guests arrive all of a sudden, or you are too busy with something and can't go to a hotel or a restaurant.
    Please note that it is called convenience, not being unfit or unhealthy. We are talking about the level of professionalism and kind of service they have been providing.
    Sadly enough, not everybody is lucky enough to have the best in class hotels and restaurants nearby. Most of us live in the outskirts of the city and need to depend on such helpful apps when in situations like above.

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    Yes Timmappa, such kind of apps do make our life easy in many situations. It is another way of utilizing internet, where you save so much on time, energy, money and get a healthy and tasteful stuff at your doorstep. But yes, the people behind the scene should know how to manage the show professionally which is yet to be achieved in India.

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    Exactly. I initiated this thread to spread awareness about such awesome apps that make your life simple. I expect the members - who have availed these services - to come up with their experiences on the same. It would help the community to decide in which app works well and which does not.
    As for me, my only grudge against them is they do not operate all over India - at least as of now. It would be better if they tie up with all major restaurants in prominent cities in every state than just concentrating on the metros.

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    Another interesting point to note here - TinyOwl also has an app for Homemade food. Working people who live away from home would just love to have such an opportunity of being able to taste homely food.
    The app currently caters to a few suburbs of Mumbai though.

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    Thanks Timmappa for such a useful information. Let us pray together, these come available at all doorsteps at a lower price.
    I am waiting with as much patience I can hold.

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    I have used many apps for ordering food stuff.Apps are generally very convenient and user friendly.Almost all of us used to order pizza.Other than this are food panda,fassos,zomato etc.I am really very happy to have the food stuff via apps as it gives us full menu of our hotels,their offers,rates etc.Even if you don't order from app/website you are able to compare rates with various hotels/restaurant.Also you would have reviews of the food quality/service etc on the web/app.Recently I ordered punjabi food for my family,was good quality.I am really happy with these kinds of apps.

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    That's a great and wise idea indeed, Gopal. EveEve If you do not buy food online, you can find out the outlets offering best price with the help of these apps. I never thought of this aspect.
    Real good suggestion, practical enough to be followed.

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