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    What would you think about the Government's plans to control instant messengers?

    As all of us are aware, the Indian government is planning to implement the control of law enforcement agencies over the instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and other such IM services. There was a draft for an act which proposes to make citizens bound to show the messages to the law enforcement agencies in plain text format. You are not supposed to delete a WhatsApp message till 90 days from the date of receipt.
    Don't you think it is a violation of privacy? Agreed, national security is a matter of utmost importance, but still - having to share a private conversation between, say a husband and wife- won't it amount to be a complete intrusion into one's private space?
    I would wish our members can share their views on the topic here.
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    When real actions are not in place and the government fails to control the daily life issues, they want to divert the attention of the common people by announcing such controversial things.
    They too know it pretty well, that it is unnecessary and that people would definitely object to such foolish decisions, but then for the time being the bigger issues will hide their face.
    It is nothing but taking advantage of the short-term memory of Indians who forget very easily that bigger issues are lurking there by their sides like Nirbhaya case, financial and budget related issues, corruption and so many.

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    There are people who made encrypted messengers. So the use of such apps will increase.

    US government managed to stop the production of Truencrypt software just to make it possible for them to read HDD information. And here in india government wants to read messenger text and does not want encryption. They give vague reason of terrorism for the same.

    In reality they want to have access to public information. US and other developed countries are fighting against such surveillance for years.

    If you use the messenger for family and friends messaging then you have nothing to worry about. If you are into business and worried about your data being leaked then find other means for messaging.

    Government from here onwards will continue to control people and their data. And this can't be changed.

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    The draft seems to have been withdrawn after the public uproar. I really find it too impractical to control the data being used by people and intruding into their private lives.
    I guess the logic expressed by Anwesha hold water. It remains to be a fact that government just wants to divert public attention from burning issues by highlighting these unneeded discussions. Recent ban on porn sites and subsequent retraction of the decision is a good example for that tendency.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    The backpedalling proves that the people's voice cannot be ignored. It shows that one should speak up when something is going to curtail one's freedom to communicate, especially since ours is a democracy.

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    Yes, I completely agree with Vandana. I think the Government has forgotten the simple fact, that it is there to help the people, not just to raise obstacles and hindrances for them, and make life unnecessarily difficult.
    But if people forget to stand up for their rights and forget what rights they are entitled to have, this is what will continue to happen. So, people need to protest, show their displeasure, take the necessary actions and remind the Government to mind their own business, which they are obviously not managing well.

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    The protests have been paying off quite well, Anwesha. Be it against these kind of drafts and acts, or against the other private firms like the telecoms.
    The way AirTel was forced to withdraw it's differential plans for OTT messengers like WhatsApp shows clearly that these firms cannot take the general public for granted. The same goes for the way the government had to withdraw it's ban on port sites altogether. Not that I am supporting, or fond of the port sites. But, banning them the way it was done was, in fact a blow to the spirit of freedom.
    Now, we hear that the government has retracted from its decision on having control over instant messengers. Let us see what develops further.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    According to me making a low is some what easy but the implementation part is very difficult as govt has to define the guideline,rules narration,action if rule has been violated(this is most critical part of any rule).Practically this is not possible to store our messenger data for three months hence govt has taken the steps back.Govt can not control private message for all the public.But the govt has the option to track some number specific.Yes govt should make messenger service provider to filter or keep record of the content which is violating rules otherwise as a user we should not worry much if we are in the rules.i.e. we should not circulate false information,or message which hurt religion etc..

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