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    How to close my account on

    I am pretty busy with my work now , i don't think that i will have more time to write articles on Techulator. I would like to know the procedure to close my account on Techulator.

    Thank you guys.
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    As far as my knowledge goes, there isn't a way to close one's account on Techulator. You cease to work with the site and that should be it.
    However, if you really want to close your account, you may send a request via private message to webmasters.
    Please note that all your approved content on the site remains to be a property of the site itself.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Hey dev central,

    May I suggest you to continue to keep your account on Techulator and use it only in your free time? Your points and earnings are safe and will continue to be in your account.

    Is there any particular reason that you'd like to close your account?

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    @Amit, there is no particular reason but inactive accounts will be a burden to the website and it is better to shut them so that webmasters can spend more time on improving the website rather than fixing individual account problems.

    I will keep the account then.

    Thank you guys, hope to see you soon.

    Keep it cool guys.......

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    That's a good decision, dev. I would suggest you not to keep the account deactivate. Keep contributing whenever you get free time.
    Boond Boond se Talaab Bharega.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Dev central,
    I will also suggest you to work on Techulator whenever you get time. Also I would suggest you not to deactivate your account, all of your points and cash will remain same on Techulator so you can start your journey from the same point whenever you left it.


    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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    I know, the initial hurdles of pending articles are really a pain for the newcomers to this site.
    But what I have experienced is, Techulator is like that adamant horse which won't easily let you sit on its back, until you are a master. But once you master the art, you are on a joy ride.
    It is justified, I realized, as not all the apparently amicable sites who are accepting our articles are paying us for each thing we write on its wall. You either have to sell your write-ups or a product, but in Techulator, you get your bank account updated just for writing what you have chosen for and at whichever time you could finally invest.
    So....won't you like to experience the difference?

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    Well, I must agree with points raised by you, Anwesha. However, the delay in review of almost sections of late could have been a bit a little disturbing for some of our users. There has been a bit of delay these days. I would request the members not to get disheartened. Your contributions are always valuable for us. They will definitely be reviewed soon. Keep coming up with your posts and make the site richer with quality content.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    No Timmappa, I think you didn't get my point. what I wanted to explain to Dev Cantral is not delay in reviewing. It is the repeated process of going to the "Pending" section for small html errors and other mistakes and then again going to "new submission". For me I have no such hurry to get my articles reviewed, as I have come to know the system by now.

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    Timmappa Kamat,
    Please stick to the topic of the thread. Don't unnecessarily post your comments. Being your friend I would just like yo advice you this, no fighting issues.


    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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    Please be informed that it was a response to what Anwesha has pointed out. It would feel better if you go through the complete discussion than just coming up with any comment. Please read the comments by Anwesha. By the way, your comments are turning off topic when you could have complained about it via private message.
    Thank you.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Yes Aman, it was me who was trying to explain how things work in Techulattor to this thread owner Dev Central and was trying to encourage him for continuing in this site with his contribution. But Timmappa didn't get the message right, so I had to explain it again.

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