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    Discuss: Which you prefer the most

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Which you prefer the most'.
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    I will vote for both, sometimes you require a internet facility while travelling in road transport. you may require a to send a important mail or some important information, either you can call somebody to do the work, otherwise you need to need to go home or office or browsing center to use the internet.

  • Laptop and desktop cannot be used in all the places, or at least wherever you are travelling.

  • If you are in home then everyone prefer to use the internet in laptop or desktop, because the screen of the mobile is so small and speed will be low compared to your laptop or desktop

  • Mobile internet will be helpful when you want to the updates of cricket score or football score or some important updates you require a mobile internet

  • Both will be useful based on your usage or need and it depends on your work. If you are in support project then you may require a internet mobile so that you can receive a mail or you sent mail

    It absolutely depends on your necessity.

    D.Jeya Kumar(JK)

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    HI Pamela,

    I prefer both. Because we need to send mails while travelleing also sometimes. So a mobile internet is a must now a days to check and send important mails. I prefer a laptop or a desktop because it is required to check mails while we are at home.


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    Hi Pamela,

    I too prefer both Mobile internet as well as PC internet.

    I use both of them based on the location I am in. If I am at home or office I prefer computer/laptop internet.

    When I am out or during my journeys I use mobile internet for checking mails, searching google , checking cricket scores etc.


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    Nothing can match desktop internet.

    At the desktop internet we have gadgets around us and feel the experience of having the internet.

    Mobile internet is irking and time consuming too.

    I give full marks to desktop internet.

    K Mohan

    The '''Cheer Leader ''' of this site

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    I am going with the computer as it will have high speed ain comparison with the mobile and i like to operate the things that cold have a high data transfer rate in which no time wastage is there.As we have to do wait for the server whether it is ready for the data transmission or not?

    In case of computer we are provided with the large amount of memory and we can even download the large amount of data from thr internet,wheras one and only one advantage of mobile is that it offers reliablity and portablitiy to the users,as they can use it any time.

    Chirag Sachdeva

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