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    Regarding my Article

    I would like to request the editors of the article section to review this article:
    Gionee F103 VS YU Yureka Plus as soon as possible.

    I am suggesting this because as this article is written on one of the trending smartphone (Gionee F103) and can fetch good number of readers for Techulator. Moreover, this article appears on the first page of Google results. So it will great if this article gets approved as soon as possible as if it will not be approved then the readers will get the same message "The resource has not been reviewed by Editors yet. Readers are advised to use their best judgement before accessing this resource", and this will surely make the readers confused to read this article and they might even leave the idea to read on this site. And even this article was written on 16-Sep-2015 and haven't got reviewed so far. So finally, I would like to request the editors to review this article as soon as possible.
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    Can you please learn to write your message with minimal text? You are just repeating the same thing again and again in different ways.

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    That is exactly what I have been asking the concerned member repeatedly. But he just keeps on stating that he is not repeating his sentences.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Repeatedly asking the same thing is also not good. If someone doesn't follow your guidelines, it is better to leave it to higher authorities.

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    Aman, I think all of us get impatient to get our articles & other posts reviewed quickly! In fact, others too have written about the Gionee F103 for the recent contest and I assume everyone has good search rankings on it. Let's just wait for editors to get time to review them.

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    I have just suggested what I thought. I hope the articles will be reviewed soon. Most probably today, as today is Sunday and the editors mostly get time to clear all the backlogs today.

    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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    The said article was processed by the editors a few days ago and was put in 'pending' status. Appropriate reasons were also given and you were asked to re-submit the article after necessary corrections.

    You've partly corrected and re-submitted it. Please look into all the reasons given by the editors in full and make all changes before re-submitting.

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