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    The status of this resource is Pending and require some modification by the author.

    I had a blog with for 6 months and the blog was receiving good traffic from search engines and all of a sudden one day without any warnings or reasons they banned my account.
    I don't know the reason why they banned me or other writers , i believe may be some of the words in the comment section was against their TOS.

    I still have access to my account but i am not allowed to publish new contents or republish my old contents, so i decided to move the contents which were removed from Google long time ago to this website and after publishing my content the message appeared that it is a copied content.

    "The status of this resource is Pending and require some modification by the author. 

    Reason: Plagiarism, copied content"

    It is my content and it was unpublished by Hubpages long time ago (6 months), why is it showing as plagiarism or copied content? Is the content elsewhere on the web ? What should i do ?
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    As far as my knowledge goes, any content once published on the site remains to be the property of the website on which it has been published. You are not allowed to republish them as such on any other website. This amounts to plagiarism and Google is quite strict about it.
    You may send a message to the editors with your explanations so that they can decide on the course of action.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    If your article is currently not published anywhere else, you can publish it here However, some of your content exist in other websites.

    Look at this article:

    Same or similar content exists here -

    If they copied your original content, you must file a DMCA and get it removed from Google index before it can be published in Techulator.

    The content of this article exists in several sites:

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    Dev central,
    You need to be very careful while posting your articles here. You should not reproduce the content from anywhere. You should make your own creation. As Tony sir mentioned that your article exist in some other websites so you can't post it here as that will result in Plagiarism, in simple, copied content and that is against the policies of our site Techulator. You can't reproduce your content on any website as that is considered as wrong by Google and you will receive the same results. You should carefully write some new articles and then post them here. I know that you have only written those articles which are in Pending but as they exists on other websites so you should not post them here. I hope to see more contributions from you soon.


    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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    @ Tony - Thank you for pointing out the mistakes, you have been very helpful. But i don't want to file any DMCA complaints and go after them although the content is originally mine.

    I have attached a screenshot of my HubPages account for everyone to see, which ensures authenticity of my statement . As you can see in the screenshot 2 of my articles were selected for HubPages pro which is available to selected users only.

    @Aman,kamat - I am a SEO analyst by profession and i need to say that Google is not what it says it is.
    I have seen spam articles raising in Google search results and Google hasn't taken any measures to stop them, it is possible for your competitors to destroy your website or blog with black hat tools available in the market today. I can verify this because i am a victim of this and this is how my HubPages account got banned.

    I have decided to delete those contents.

    Thank you guys for your support.

    Keep it cool guys.......

    Delete Attachment

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    @dev, we are sorry if you consider us to be denigrating your integrity. The fact is that we cannot accept copied content. Leave alone content copied from any other site, you are not allowed to copy your own content from one section of this site to another. Since your articles are found published elsewhere as pointed out by Tony sir , they amount to plagiarism. I would request you to come up with a few genuine content.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    @Kamat - I think you are mistaken, i didn't say anywhere that you need to publish the duplicate contents here!

    Just like Aman said why are you taking this as a fight or me questioning your Authority?

    "I would request you to come up with a few genuine content."

    I can't understand what you mean by the above statement in your response in #22570.

    Did you see the attached screenshot of my HubPages account? Please try to understand facts as they are.

    I only started this thread so that i could know why my content was in a pending condition, Tony helped me with it and i decided to delete my content or as an editor you may delete it.

    Just like i said in the other thread about errors, please don't take this as a personal insultation or an insult to Techulator.

    Keep it cool guys.......

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    I would repeat that I'm not insulting you or trying to pick a fight with you. What I meant when I asked you to come up with genuine content is just that I wanted you to publish a few contents that are not published elsewhere. Or else write a new article on that he topic with a few changes. Make sure that you are not lifting the article as it i even if it is your own content.
    Please be sure that we are not here to treat you in any wrong way. We just expect you to keep coming up with a good content so that the site can benefit along with you.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    @Kamat - I would like to inform you that before publishing my articles here or anywhere i always check the articles for plagiarism using tools like Copyscape.

    When i published the articles which are in a pending situation, i checked those articles for plagiarism using Copyscape and didn't find any website using my article, that is the reason my i started this thread.

    @ Tony - thank you again for pointing out the websites using my articles, i would like to know the tools that you are using to check for plagiarism.

    Keep it cool guys......

    Keep it cool guys.......

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    dev central,

    I used a tool called "Google" :-)

    I never used copyscape or any other tools.

    Just copy some random text from your articles, put them in double quotes and search in Google. It will show you where else those content exist.

    I am not questioning your integrity or complain about plagiarism. It is just a duplicate content issue we don't want to mess up with. "Duplicate content" is different from "Plagiarism".

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    @Tony - That's funny :-) I never thought of using Google , thank you very much for your help.

    Copyscape is a tool that you can use to find duplicate contents on the web, the difference between using Google and tools like Copyscape is that Google can only point out contents indexed by Google at the moment but tools like Copyscape can tell if the content is on any websites or blogs non indexed by Google.

    In future i will use both Google and Copyscape to check for Plagiarism.

    I would like to say that duplicate content comes under Plagiarism .

    "plagiarism is an act of fraud. It involves both stealing someone else's work and lying about it afterward."

    The above statement is from which explains that duplicate content (stolen) is treated as Plagiarism.

    I am glad that this thread finally came to a productive end .

    Thank you again Tony.

    Keep it cool guys.......

    Keep it cool guys.......

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    I think the discussion has come to a conclusive end. As such, I would wish to close this thread as of now. If needed,members can ask editors to reopen it by requesting for the same via private message.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    dev central,

    Plagiarism is completely different from duplicate content issue. I can write one article and publish it in 100 different sites. That is not plagiarism at all.

    For example, I can write one article in MSDN and then republish it in my site. Or, if I have multiple sites, I can publish the same article in all of my sites. That's just reproducing my own content and there is no plagiarism involved in it.

    Many websites allow reproducing your own content and there is no plagiarism in it but they all could lead to "duplicate content" issue, which is not an illegal thing but an SEO thing.

    Many websites allow duplicate content but not plagiarism.

    Techulator does not allow both duplicate content as well as plagiarism.

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