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    Is it not wise to celebrate eco friendly festivals?

    Now that it is time for Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations, I have a question to make to our members.
    So, instead of clogging the rivers and such water bodies with the mud- which results in water shortage, why don't we use symbolic immersion? Instead of those huge - larger than life Ganesh idols, I do think that it would be wiser enough to worship a smaller permanent idol and after the regular Pooja over one and half to 11 days ( as the individual case may be) ,immerse the idol symbolically. You can then place the idol in a safer and cleaner way so that the it can be used next year again.
    Please note that I am not against any particular ritual, but believe in changing the rituals over the needs of the time in tune with the changing lifestyle and conditions.

    Would request members to share their views on the aspect.
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    I agree to your idea with a whole heart Timmappa. The same thing goes on in Durga Puja, which is the Bengali Festival and the amount of pollution it is creating in the rivers are unimaginable.
    Either they should do this symbolic system, or if it is too difficult to accept the new tradition (you know Indians right?) then they can arrange for some make shift temporary water bodies to immerse these idols. Else they can make the accessories bio degradable or just made of mud, so that it doesn't add to the volume of the wastage. But again...changes and Indians are not very compatible words.

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    Yes, having a make shift water bodies can be a better alternatives. But, when it comes to religious sentiments, we have that rigid mindset which refuses to change. Besides, there are people who exploit those sentiments for their personal gains.
    You're right when you say Indians are just averse to changes.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    In some metros there has been an initiative to arrange for temporary water bodies for immersion of idols. There are people who are utilizing this facility, but perhaps due to these being few and also small in size, the majority prefer to immerse the idols in the sea only. The problem with immersing an idol in the ocean is also that all its decorations too get immersed with it, making it even worse for the sea waters.

    A small idol can even be immersed at home itself in a deep bucket of clean water. The water can then be used for watering the plants or a roadside tree. There may only be a handful of people doing this though.


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    The problem is India doesn't have any sound recycling process. The common people are least in the know-how of the recycling process, neither are they involved or interested in this matter. Moreover the rigidity around religious beliefs will not allow the government to take any strong step either.
    So, unless we spread this awareness and let people realize things, nothing can show a ray of hope.

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