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    Bharat online Media Data entry work - is it genuine?

    Bharat Online jobs,352,Munirka Vihar,New Delhi-110067 - this company provides online data entry jobs. They are asking for a fee of Rs. 1490 for registration. This company shows ISO certificate in their website. I want to know whether this company is fraud or not.
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    I personally do not know of this company. However, my advice would be not to join up. My theory is that if a company is asking for registration fee, that too a hefty one, it is doubtful if the work they give is genuine. I know from online forum discussions at various sites that there are companies which take such fees for registration, promising work. Once you pay up, either you will find there is no work forthcoming or they will simply give you a further list of sites that you need to join (with a fee again!) before getting work there or the work will turn out to be such that you are paid pittance for a lot of work. In fact, some data entry jobs are tricky - you will be told that only if you fulfil the requisite criteria then you will get paid. That is, they may say that the content should be 100% accurate. So if they find even a slight error, they will claim you cannot be paid! In short, you end up on the losing side. Having done freelance content writing work myself with proper checks, I have never got conned by such offers.

    I would suggest, instead, join up with genuine work at home sites like and (ISC). Neither takes any registration fee and you are free to contribute at your own pace and time. Both are excellent avenues to earn a part-time income & you can even earn in US$ once you get approval for the Google AdSense revenue sharing program (this through ISC, not Techulator).


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    The ground rule in such online jobs is that any online job that asks for registration fees is not reliable. You are not assured of the kind that they promise.
    I would advice you not to fall prey to such scams. You can contribute to ISC, Techulator, Hubpages and such sites which do not egg on you to race against time. It depends on your own pace and style.

    Live....and Let Live!

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