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    Can one apply for a regular AdSense account through blogger blog?

    If one has the free blogger blog and has successfully run it for around six months with some good quality content, is the blog eligible for regular AdSense account? Or will it treated as a hosted account? I know that a hosted account can not be used for any other revenue sharing website than on which it has been obtained.
    Expecting experts to shed some light on this. Please guide me to the relevant link if it has already been discussed.
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    You can get a regular AdSense account approved from Blogger. However, the blog would need to be high in quality and be satisfying all the parameters Google would be looking for. Getting a full AdSense account approved is becoming tougher every day as people prefer making shortcuts to make quick money rather than work hard to make more money in the long run.

    If you are looking to get a regular AdSense account approved, here's my suggestion:

    Instead of applying for a full AdSense account through Blogger, get a hosted AdSense account from YouTube first. That should not be very tough. Then, make sure your Blogger blog has all that it takes to have regular AdSense ads featured onto it and then apply for a conversion of a hosted account to a regular account on Google.

    I think, a conversion of hosted to regular AdSense account would have a better chance of approval than applying directly through Blogger. I remember reading Tony's "AdSense approval checklist" article on this site, please have a look at that article and make sure you follow it completely.

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    Those are some really helpful tips indeed. Thanks Amit for sharing your idea of applying for a hosted account through YouTube. That would really be some thing to try out.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    You can get AdSense from the blog if you convert it to a domain name (.com) and submit that URL ( for upgrading to a non-host account. Please see my response #22298 in this thread.

    Tony Sir's article which Amit mentioned for reference is: AdSense application checklist and tips to get AdSense approval


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    Just like Amit said, it is better to apply for a AdSense hosted account through YouTube since you are on the Blogger platform.

    I agree with Vandana , having a custom domain for your blog increases your chance of getting a Normal AdSense account .

    You may refer : How to create a website for under $5

    But it is not easy to get an AdSense account that is not a hosted account. Google may reject your blog for different reasons, my application initially was rejected by Google saying "proper navigation is required" then i applied again and the reply was "your website doesn't follow our terms".

    I wasn't violating any Google's terms but the problem was my blog didn't have enough traffic at the time which they won't say.

    I then applied through YouTube and got a Hosted account. I then reapplied for a Normal account with my blog hosted on a VPS server with fair traffic, my account was approved.

    You may refer: Google AdSense alternatives for small and large publishers

    Keep it cool guys.......

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    Thank you all of you for those valuable suggestions. I guess it would be more wise to.apply for hosted AdSense account through YouTube.
    Live....and Let Live!

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