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  • Category: AdSense Issues

    Using adsense ad inside post contents and user experience.

    Adsense ads are better than any other advertisements provided by any other ad companies but using adsense ads inside post contents is confusing and kind of disturbance to the readers which will force the readers to use ad blocking plugins like adblock to block these ads which results in total ad blockage and zero profit to the publishers.

    As per the latest search algorithm (panda) update , Google grabs the CSS and scripts used on a page before indexing them, pages relying heavily on scripts will not be having search ranking advantage. Adsense ads and other ads rely heavily on javascripts which makes the website heavy and bloating.

    For better search traffic and ranking the website/blog should provide better user experience, the mobile friendly update in the Panda verifies it. Limiting the ads to sidebar , header and footer gives us a clean and neat blog with good user experience. It will be awesome if the ads are only shown after the article or post is loaded completely. Google PageSpeed Insights explains the usage of scripts on websites and prefers that the scripts load after the pages are loaded completely.

    As per PageSpeed Insights all the below scripts slows down Techulator.…=1&adContainerId=richmedia_2&rnd=7220786…;sz=300x250;ord=[timestamp]…=3&adContainerId=richmedia_4&rnd=7217651

    Express your opinions guys.
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    Frankly I am not at all knowledgeable about such technical aspects of ad units, scripts, codes, etc. I will forward your concerns about the scripts creating slow page loads to the Webmasters. Thanks for your informative insights.

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    It is nothing serious but there is a chance of decreased serp ranks and high bounce rate due to page load time.

    You are always welcome.

    Keep it cool guys.......

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    I have observed of late that site load time has increased. But the fact remains that I do not have much knowledge of these scripts and related issues. As such, I guess we need to have it investigated by the webmasters.

    Now that Vandana has brought it to the attention of the team, let us wait for the announcement of exact reason.

    By the way, thanks a lot for reporting the issue here. It would be much beneficial for our site to get rid of any issues if present.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Javascripts especially ads can increase site load times and make it difficult for readers to browse the website.

    What we can do is load the javascript files or ads after the page is loaded completely , this way users will have good experience and ads will be shown also.

    I would like to know if there is a phone number besides social networks and email to contact Mr. Tony John who i believe is the owner of this website.

    Thank you for your support guys.

    Keep it cool guys.......

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    You can send a message to Tony via his profile. I assure you that he will come up with a reply for your query.
    Or else you may send him an email with a link to this thread.

    Thanks for taking active interest in trying to improve the site.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Or you may also wait for his reply to this thread. He has a busy schedule so its very difficult to spare some time for this thread. But I hope he will reply soon.

    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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    It is true that the Ads will slow down the pages. A site with no Ads, no scripts and no styles will perform the best when it comes to search engines. But in reality, we need to have a balanced approach. We can't run a site without ads. Placing the ads in non-prime spots will get no clicks and it is worthless doing it.

    Considering all aspects, we have come up with the optimal plan to place the ads in key places to generate enough income for us.

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