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    Why there are no results found in New Submission category of the AE section?

    I just wanted to see how many questions are lying unedited and I found that there is no question waiting in the new submission category in the Ask Expert section. Though two of my answers are still not evaluated, it is showing that the New Submission in the AE section has no results to show. They are not even in the pending category (as expected). Then where are these two answers listed? Just curious to know, how would the editors find them, if they are not listed in the new submission category?

    Here are the two urls:
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    New submissions show only the Ask Experts questions pending for review. Unreviewed responses are not shown under that tab. You will need to go through the "My responses" tab and find your unreviewed responses.

    Incidentally, there is no way to find the responses pending for review even for editors.

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    Oh my God, then how are they managing the show?

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    Editors get the unreviewed responses in the edit queue one by one. They go on editing them in sequence. Their own responses do not come up for review.
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    Editors can edit via a special link all the AE responses, these coming up on their screen in order of the date they are posted. Questions have a separate link for review and, as informed in the first response here, it is only the questions that are posted which you can see in the New Submissions list at the AE section. Members need to check their answers and questions regularly to see if they got shifted to pending status and, if so, then make the requisite corrections, after which it goes back to the New Submission mode.


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    The new submission category which appears to us as a common member includes only the questions which are not yet reviewed by the editors. If you want to know the status of your answers then do follow any one method from the few given below:

    1. Click on your name if you are included in the super contributors list. This will then list you all you contributions in the Ask Expert section (only answers) and then you can know the status of all of your answers just by the colors. Grey: Pending, Black New submission, Red: Deleted and Blue: Approved.

    2. Or you can also open the Ask Expert section and then click on the My Responses option. This will again list in the same way. All of your answers will be listed, so just find out the status directly by the color.

    3. Or you can also open your Profile and go to Contributions. And then select the date in which you posted those answers for which you are looking for. Then it will display all your contributions in that specific time. So just click on the Expert responses option and then again it will show you with all your answers submitted in that time period. So just differentiate them from the colors to know their status.


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    Got it. Now I request the webmasters to close this thread. Thanks friends for explaining me the rules once more.

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    Let me close this thread as the doubts expressed the thread starter have been resolved.
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