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    Why do people talk loudly on mobile phones?!

    I find it extremely irritating and downright annoying to hear people talking at an extra high pitch on a mobile phone. I don't really think that the person at the other end is hard of hearing. Instead, they just presume the other person cannot hear and so starting talking in an extra loud manner. Why on earth people need to shout into a mobile phone beats me! Aren't they realizing that all & sundry around them can hear their conversation? I once heard a man loudly giving his bank account details. Really, really dumb!

    Do you talk loudly for no reason on the mobile phone either within your home or in public?
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    I usually travel in Delhi metro and I find this situation every other day. People just pick up the call and start shouting on their mobile phones. Not only this but sometime their mobile's ringtone is so loud that it is unbearable. I generally found this happen with the old age people or the labor class people.
    I too find it very irritating. Sometime due to network problem I couldn't connect properly with the other person but then I simply ask the person to call me later in low tone.
    Well it is really dumb to note that somebody is giving the information of their bank account. And suppose some fraud happen in future they will start blaming the bank.

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    Well, I do not do it personally. However, if there is a network issue or if am.surrounded by a crowd which can make the other person not to hear me properly - I just ask the person to call me back later.

    And here in Goa, I have seen people putting their phones on loudspeaker and then talking loudly into it! As Vikas said, this is observed more likely and frequently among the labour class.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    I don't know the actual reason behind this stupid activity. I have also seen the same activity while traveling in the metros, buses, local trains etc. I have mostly observed this stupid activity performed by the labours and the other uneducated persons. This is quite common with them as they are not educated so they speak loudly on the phone calls and also the ringtone of their mobile phones are too loud that one can easily get irritated if the person doesn't pick up the call quickly. I am even more irritated by this and so I have not ever did this stupid activity and I am sure I will not even do it in the future. And also it is quite common in the old age people. They usually keep the ringtone of their mobile phones loud. But we can consider that thing as the hearing power in the old age people is quite less than the younger ones. But its really a irritating act when done by the labour class people. I can't even consider that they are not educated so they do such activity. Can't they learn from observing others?

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    Psychology behind talking out loud on phone is often because we assume that just because we don't hear other persons voice that means we have to raise our voice so that he can hear ours.

    For example, some person is wearing headphone and wants to communicate with you. In such case he has some music or sound going on and in such case he yells at others in assumption that other people may not hear him.

    Also on the same point, people who want to talk to those who have their ears busy with headphone, try to speak in lower tone, despite knowing that the person won't hear it.

    So these are more or less activities done by brain to blend in the environment.

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    One more reason for the stupid activity is the loud surround noise. As per Delhi is such a place where we found too much loud noises in our surrounding so sometime people speak loud on calls there.

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    Well, I must say this tendency is not only observed in uneducated people. That's a habit with people. I have one of my colleagues speaking so loudly on his mobile phone that it just irritates all of us colleagues. Interestingly, he has the same habit not only while talking on phone, but even when he is talking with us in a normal way.
    So finally, one who has the habit of talking loudly will invariably talk loudly - more loudly - on the phone.
    Another thing I have observed these people doing in buses or trains is they play the music so loudly on their phone. Can't they use headsets for the purpose?

    Live....and Let Live!

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    What I meant to say was that this is mostly observed in the uneducated people. So let us make this situation change now, we can tell our friends and relatives to stop doing this stupid activity if they do so.

    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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