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    I am new member to this site

    I am Jay Kumar Thakur. I have no idea about how to earn money from this site. I need somebody's help so that I can understand this site better. I want to know its procedure and how Techulator become popular.
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    Welcome to the most rewarding site in India, Jay Thakur.
    I would advice you to engage your self in this forum section so as to get used to how this site works.
    Here is how you can earn from Techulator-
    1. Ask questions in the Ask Experts section. Please note that your section should be relevant to the niche of the site. You can ask questions on software, smartphones or finance. Go through the already posted questions to get accustomed.

    2. Answer the questions being posted in Ask Experts section. Be sure your answers are NOT copied from other sources.

    3. If you are confident enough with your writing, you can come up with articles on niche topics.

    4. Techulator announces articles contests from time to time. These can fetch a higher rewards.

    5. Posting a valuable input or update to an already published article can get you some cash credits.

    Apart from the above, there are monthly and weekly awards for the outstanding contributors during the period. If you are consistent with your performance, you can win them.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    I welcome you to our one of the best website of India.

    You can:
    1. Get a vast knowledge here
    2. You can learn many things here
    3. You can even earn well here
    4. You can also get the answers for your Technology related queries from our respected experts

    Its a technology related site so you can contribute here on the Technology related topics so as to earn well. You can contribute your articles here to get rewarded handsomely. For a better understanding of this site, I recommend you to spend your time in the Forum section to ask anything related to this site. There are many awards for your high contributions which can pay you very well. So without wasting much time, I recommend you to start contributing more and more here.


    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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    Jay, wishing you a warm welcome to our site. Answering your query on the site's popularity, Techulator became popular due to the sheer contributions of its members! Everyone has pitched in well to post quality content, be it in the articles section or products review section or the Ask Expert section. Consistent contributions have also been the key and even though the number of contributing members is not really large, they have regularly submitted posts.

    As mentioned in the first response to your thread, you can earn money in multiple ways. Only the product review section has limited access. You can get permission to post in that section only after quality contributions in the articles and Ask Expert sections. Note that the cash credits given here are phenomenal, as are the cash awards. So for quality content, the sky's not the limit to earn!

    It is a good idea to spend a day or two just browsing the various sections first to understand how others are contributing. Also, go through all the Help topics to get acquainted with all the rules & guidelines of this site.

    If there is any feature you do not understand or any rule / guideline you cannot follow, feel free to post your doubt in the forum. Other TEC members will help you out.


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