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    Need to Add New Editors

    I suggest the webmaster to add some new editors in the editorial team of the Techulator. I am coming up with this suggestion as I have seen a lot of mistakes done by the editors these days which clearly shows their work. For a better work result of the editors you can go through the links given below:

    Duplicate Approved Questions in the AE section

    How can a Delted article be approved again

    Editing of the Ask Expert section

    Are Editors only meant to reduce points

    Two articles on the Same Topic

    How can a member get six points in a Forum response?

    I guess these are enough reasons to think upon my suggestions and add some new editors in the team. I would also like to be an editor and also I guess I have fulfilled the requirements to be an editor on Techulator.

    1. I am working on Techulator from 31 December 2014
    2. I am a Gold level member (soon going to be Diamond level)
    3. Included in the list of Top Contributors of the Last One Year, Link
    4. As I am a old member, I know all the features and policies of the site
    5. I am well known to how the content is checked by a editor
    6. I am mostly active on Techulator
    7. And much more

    I would just like to know the views of webmaster on this.
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    Your application for editorship has been forwarded to the Webmasters.

    Note that it is not as easy as you thing to get good, qualified editors who are willing to volunteer to edit with no fixed monthly salary. Everyone has their own professional or academic commitments which makes them have little time to spare for editing here.


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    Thanks Vandana for forwarding my request to the webmasters. And very thanks to actively participate in my threads. I hope I will also join the editors in the editorial team.

    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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    Hi Aman,
    To take any member to the admin group of a website trust is very important thing. Sadly however, as your account has been involved in cheating practices, we are not able to consider you for an editor job.

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    I am not indulged in any cheating case sir. And for the trust, I am also working on this site from a very long time.


    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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    I think you would have got email alerts regarding deletion of your articles due to plagiarism. This is what is called losing trust.

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