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    How can a Delted article be approved again

    This is again me who have come with a doubt in mind regarding the article section. Now my doubt is regarding a article which was deleted by the article section editor but now it has been again approved. So far while working with the Techulator, I have not found this thing anytime before. I have also faced the deleting of the articles and what the message I got was: that you can't repose it. So what is that message if a deleted article got approved. What is the use of that message? Is that only for me? I guess this is not right. So I would just again request the webmaster to come with a reply with his views to this thread. The link for the article which was deleted and now approved is given below:

    Lava Pixel V1 - The new high-end Android One smartphone

    I would just like to know is it right by the webmaster?
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    I cannot see any indication of it being deleted in the edit history of the article. If at all you did see it earlier, it may have been done by error. Often the mouse tends to scamper here & there and an editor might hit the reject button by mistake. When did you see as a deleted article?


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    I am sure about it, it was in the deleted state Vandana. I don't know what has been the reasons but it was surely in the deleted state first. And now it is approved. How it is so? I would like to get a response from the webmaster.

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    There could be several reasons why a deleted article could be approved again. For example, an editor may click the wrong button and delete an article accidentally. When the mistake is realized, he may re approve it. Or, there could be business reasons to restore an article based on the negotiations with a client who submitted an article.

    By the way, the said article was never deleted.

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