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    Editing of the Ask Expert section

    It is again me to catch the mistakes of the editors. And yet I have found too many mistakes done by the editors of the AE section. So I am again here with a mistake again! This time I have found a irrlevant answer in the Ask Expert section. And you will be surprised to know that the answer is none other than that of our Ask Expert Section Editor Timmappa Kamat. How can a editor himself contribute irrelevant answers? Let me give you the link for which I am talking about:

    When LG Rolly Keyboard will be available in India?

    In this link there is only one response for which I am talking about. The question is asking about the details regarding India, but the editor himself has given an irrelevant answer to the question. And even that has been again approved by any editor with Rs 3 (quite surprising for me as such answers only get Rs 2 or Rs 1). Is that a partiality done with me? As that is again the work of editor so I would just hope to get the response from our webmaster.
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    Kindly do not go on the warpath against an editor. You are being far to aggressive I feel by saying "Is this is the thing which made him a editor?". You think editors are not selected without due diligence?

    We will check out the AE thread you have mentioned.


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    Sorry Vandana for being so aggressive. I have removed that line now. I would just like to request the team to look into this and come out with the best decisions.

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    I don't see anything wrong with the answer or the points/CCs awarded. The answer clearly states that the said product will be launched in Asia in the fourth quarter of the year. Isn't India part of Asia?

    (Another useless thread)

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    Woah Woah Woah!!!

    Hold on a bit here. I mean I am not a party to the case (if you catch my drift) but trying to be the amicus curiae (find out whatever that means), I have to confess that I was the editor that edited that post. And, your Lordship, that would be the reason of my interest in this case.

    Aman, though I haven't ever engaged myself in such boilerplate conversations before in this forum but I personally felt offended/violated when you dragged that answer here. By saying that Timmappa's answer was irrelevant, you also questioned my competence and authority in this venture. Now that I am here, I welcome you to engage with me in this pointless debate.

    My regards,

    Thank you
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    Thanks a lot Amit and Gyandeep for restoring my belief in myself. I was thinking of editing or deleting that response thinking I might have gone wrong somewhere.
    Now that you two have made it sure that I was not at mistake - I just would stay out of the debate.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    The question clearly tells that the member would like to know about the product availability in India. So what's the role of Asia in that? I also know that India is included in Asia! I don't expect this answer from you as you are working this site from a long time and you are also an respected editor.

    I still think that the answer is irrelevant to the question so I request the webmaster to reply to this thread for better clearance.


    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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    You are not getting the point. Amit clearly stated "The answer clearly states that the said product will be launched in Asia in the fourth quarter of the year. Isn't India part of Asia?". You also know your geography that India is part of Asia. Exactly! So the answer is indicative, namely that since the product will be launched in Asia, it is likely that it may be launched first or later in India.

    Also, as I mentioned in another thread, Webmasters have a busy schedule. Do not expect them to respond to every thread. If the complaint / issue is not a major one and can be dealt with by the editorial team (that's what we are here for!), then they will not bother.


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    Aman, let me give you an analogy:

    Amit: When will the iPhone 7 be available in Pune? I heard it'll be launched in Singapore.
    Aman: It'll be first launched in USA and then will be released in India by next month.

    Would this answer be irrelevant? Would you still say that there is no role of India since you asked about Pune? A lot of companies launch their products/services region wise and not country wise, which is where Asia comes in the picture.

    The question asked in that thread states that it'll be launched in Berlin, whereas the answer quoted states that i'll first be launched in USA and then will be released in Europe (Berlin), Latin America and Asia. You and I can counter Timmappa's answer if we think its WRONG, but that is a completely different topic.

    I don't think that answer is irrelevant. Request you to please allow the webmasters/editors to judge the relevancy of a topic/thread.

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    Thanks a lot Amit for clearing my doubts. Now I have clearly understood the point which you want to explain.

    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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    That's really a great analogy, Amit.
    Now that the debate has successfully reached a definite conclusion, I would close this thread.

    Live....and Let Live!

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