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    Are Editors only meant to Reduce my Points?

    After experiencing the reducing of points regularly from a long time I am here to complaint about it. But this complaint is only to the webmaster as the editors are only to reduce my points. Sir, I am experiencing the reduction of points from a long time. This has been so long that I am irritated now, so I would like to request you to please tell the editor to stop this now. When I am competing with the members of Techulator my points are always reduced, this is one of the biggest reason of not achieving awards for me. So what should I do? I clearly know that the points are reduced if we try to elongate our response by adding something irrelevant to it. But what if the points are reduced without that condition? Even recently I have faced a huge points reduction in my contributions (closely to 15 points). What would you say for the link given below:

    My answer is missed out from evaluation

    I have got irritated now as the editor is just enjoying his post by reducing my points. And then it take a lot of time to find out the thread in which it has been reduced for the reason. So please would you tell the editor to please stop this for future. If they want to say anything about my response then they can message me about that and then I can make it to the point. What if the editor simply reduce my points? Will that benefit the site? The content will remain the same sir, so I request you to stop the editors from doing this ever in future! This is reducing my encouragement to work on this site!
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    Aman, you have raised another thread on the same issue. You could have mentioned the URL in that thread only rather than submitting a second thread.

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    I was also confused in this at a time Vandana. But then I created two different threads as in one thread I requested the webmaster to stop the editor for reducing my points and in this thread I asked the webmaster if there is any easy method from which I can know where my points are reduced. And the most important is the suggestion given by me that simply reducing points doesn't improve the site. If the editor thinks it as irrelevant then he/she should also edit it and make it relevant and then reward the response according to the relevant content. Not by simply reducing points and that's all, this will never improve the site.

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