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  • Category: AdSense Revenue Sharing

    Does this site generate good AdSense earnings for members?

    I am happy that Techulator gives high cash credits for articles and award winners. However, with regard to AdSense earnings, I am making no headway. I know my articles are few as compared to other members, but I was hoping they would fetch good earnings.

    We are not supposed to reveal specific earnings, but generally could I know if other members are benefiting with associating their AdSense account with Techulator?
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    You posted the query which I had in mind for long. Really speaking, I am really curious to know how far this Adsense works as for revenue pull.

    I am experiencing a little bit with Hubpages, where my friend has put his adsense account to activate my earning slot, and there I am again a sloth bear, so cannot judge its actual potential. But yes, is definitely works better than any other affiliate or ad program like infolinks.

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    Based on my personal adsense accounts performance, I am finding it quite harder to pull through the revenue from technology related blog posts.

    I am sure Tony sir have better data to make a proper statement on tech niche.

    I am guessing that most of the product reviews being less searched after initial 4 months time, It's harder to get revenue consistent.

    I am seeing decline in adsense revenue due to adblocker usage on tech niche sites or blogs.

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