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    Are the members getting AE Alerts which were created?

    It was already thoroughly discussed in the forum that the members will get alerts regarding AE section, when the status of their posts will get changed. I was frantically searching for that thread but unfortunately I am not able to find.
    Hope the active forum members remember about it.
    Now after quite a long gap, today I started posting answers in AE section. Some of them got approved too, but I din't get any notification till now.
    As far as I remember, it was said that from now onward members will get alerts from this section as well as they receive from the article section.
    I am just curious to know whether others are getting any alerts by any chance. Please let me know about your status as well.
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    No, I am not getting any alerts for the AE section responses. Maybe it has not been implemented as yet.

    None of us is getting the alerts as far as my knowledge goes. In fact, the alerts are specifically needed for the responses that have been sent to pending or deleted status.

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    You had made this suggestion earlier, about receiving alerts for Ask Expert responses and Tony Sir had said he would implement it. Looks like, though, he had to deal with other more important 'to-do' tasks so this issue got sidelined. I will request him to confirm whether or not the alerts will be activated any time soon.

    By the way, you do not have to "frantically" search for previous posts! Simply use the search box. I did, using the words 'ask expert responses alerts' and located your earlier suggestion right away: Regarding Ask Expert alerts. You can also check your own scoreboard if you remember having posted a thread yourself, though this path may take longer since unless you know roughly the calendar dates it would take time to find.


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    Well, that's a great catch Anwesha! I remember that Tony sir mentioned that we will now get the alerts for the status of our Asks Experts answers like approved, pending or deleted in one of your Forum thread which was a suggestions to start getting the alerts for our AE answers status. However, I have not yet experienced the same. So far I have not received even a single alert for the status of my Ask Expert answers even I have contributed a lot in the AE section after that. Even it has not been active or applied by Tony sir, I completely support the idea of getting alerts for the status of our Ask Expert answers. This will be very helpful to all the members contributing in the AE section. For a better response to this thread I would like to request Tony sir to come up with his views.

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    @Aman, I'm quoting you from your above response.
    "I remember that I was against the suggestion for some time but after getting the responses of other members, I supported the suggestion". As far as my memory goes, it was Carlos in that discussion, right? Anyways, maybe you got "confused"!
    Coming back to what we have been discussing, let me bring this to the attention of the team. Maybe it has slipped out of his priorities.

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