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    I have a doubt. Can you help me?

    OKAY!! 'search engines'- do they really mean engines(English word)
    Please don't laugh at me what particularly search engine is?
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    Spider is the actual technology that is deployed in Google search engine,

    It is not the Engine literal rail engine, but it is actually a crawler (a search program). It quickly searches the heading of each website indexed in their database. wherever the match occur it becomes a hit like for example

    you are searching for "green Apple"

    Let us assume the index page contains 100 million pages properly indexed, within few seconds certain areas of all these sites are crawled means checked
    wherever green occurs its a hit
    wherever apple occurs its hit

    hit means that page will be in the results displayed

    Google has got the best crawler called spider which has very high speed and hit ratio.
    Hope the answer.

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    Thank you Fashee now I understood whats the search engine means.
    Best of luck

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    A search engine is not actually a rail engine or bus engine. A web search engine is meant for searching information on the internet. The search results are presented to you as a list and are called as hits. The results may contain web pages, images or other type of files. There are many search engines like Google, yahoo, teoma etc. Google search engine is popular among them.


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    Search engine will search the content which is in multiple databases. A spider (it is program to search) will use intelligence to check the content. Using PageRank technology Google is rating the sites and it will display the results within seconds. It is a very complex algorithm developed by Google founder Page and Brin.

    If you have time go through this page about the Google search

    D.Jeya Kumar(JK)

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    Hi pamela,

    Search engine is simply tool which search the related web pages according to the given keywords by the users.

    We use internet to get some information but we don't know the website name which can help us in finding that information. For this, the search engines are helpful. We just have to enter some related keywords about what we wanted, the search engine will go through all the web servers(websites) and give us the list of results.

    It is very important to enter good keywords for better results which can satisfies our actual need.

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    But answer me after reading this article.

    Best of luck

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    Dear Pamela,

    Yes Pamela,You are thinking logically,Why its Name is Search Engine?The Answer Lies Logically in Software Engineering Principle,it means software is a product like motor Engine or any other engine derives from the concepts of Mechanical Engineering,Electrical Engineering etc,Now I come into points : What is Engine ? then one of the definition can be "An engine may also serve as a "prime mover", a component that transforms the flow or changes in pressure of a fluid into mechanical energy as per Automobile point of view",similarly the concepts of Stream Engine and lots of other Engine related to different Engineering,the moral concepts of Engine or Machine based on three fundamental principle as we everybody aware of that :
    Like wise Search Engine Takes Input as "Searching Words",then the Corresponding Programs(Generally in the form of .exe,.dll(as you have seen windows dll icon shape in form of Engine,right word would be component) Process the Words by using certain logic like in search engine uses indexing concepts to retrieve the exact informations,and at the end display the Results.

    Now you say whether Search Engine follow the concepts of Engine or not.

    Thanks & Regards

    Ahmed Ali Khan

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