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    Trouble with hosted adsense account

    I have a hosted adsense account.Now I want to share my account with techulator.But having problem in 'Site authorization'.
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    I am sorry to let you know that hosted Google AdSense account is not supported on Techulator. You need to have a fully approved/ regular/ normal AdSense account.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Though I don't know much about Google AdSense, but I have seen a help topic here in Techulator, which might come to your help.
    I think you can convert your hosted account into a normal one (but not sure)
    Have a look at this:
    click here

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    Its very unfortunate for the way...I want to know that how can I get a fully approved normal adsense account sir?

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    Hi Sayak,
    Did you go through my answer?

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    Yes I did Anwesha......but I actually want to have another new adsense account(fully approved/normal).......

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    If I am not wrong ISC requires 10 articles, 1000 points and Gold status to enable adsense revenue sharing. And if you don't have adsense you can apply using the content posted on this site.

    As for Techulator, I think adsense revenue sharing has similar rule before you can enabled hosted revenue share.

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    Sayak, you cannot have more than one AdSense account.

    I suggest that you just start you own blog on a niche topic at (it is free). Post good content consistently for many months. Then convert the blog to a .com or .in domain site using the services of companies which provide domain names. One of the inexpensive and efficient ones is GoDaddy. Then you can upgrade your existing AdSense account to a non-host one. Once that is done, you can get AdSense earnings through and other partner sites in addition to your own site.

    As long as you have a host account, you cannot earn from anywhere other than the site through which you got the host account.


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    When I tried from the blogger, it is said that, it also gives only an hosted account, so will it work, if I try with the same account in my own website?
    I don't have any account till date, and was really wondering how to go about it, though I had this basic information.
    Please let me know it in a little bit more detail.
    My basic concern is, if I have my own domain name already registered, and keep updating the website with good amount of content will that be directly effective to get an adsense account?

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    If you have a hosted account and a blog, then the blog will not get you AdSense earnings. Nor can you give the blogspot blogger url for an upgrade to a non-host account. What you can do is to open a GoDaddy account and use the same blog name, but getting a domain with a .com ending to it instead of the ending Once you get that domain name, you need to do some configurations to put the requisite code into the blogspot blog. Then you continue adding blog posts in the usual way, but all the posts will now appear under your new site.

    If you already have your own domain name, fantastic! Then simply keep on adding good content and then apply for an upgrade. Make sure that your site is neat with tabs at the top to distinguish different sections (if required of course at your site). It is important that when you apply, the site is clutter free. Some people go overboard in putting infolinks and other ads all over the pages! Also, it is very important to put an "About Us" and "Copyright Policy" at your site. This creates the impression that you are serious about adhering to Net laws.

    My best advice: Take advice from Tony Sir and Ankit! Request them to have a quick look at your domain site and make a critical appraisal of it. Even if they are very blunt & brutally critical, believe me, it will make you do the right corrections and transform your site into a professional looking one. After you followup on their suggestions, then apply for the upgrade.

    Also, if your first application for an upgrade gets turned down, don't give up. Persevere. Improve on the site, keep adding content. Keep gaps between applying - at least 4 months gap. Never give up hope on getting that non-host account - even it takes more than a year, stick to your goal. Goals are achieved with hard work and persistence. I am saying this from personal experience - I have not achieved my goals by cringing at failures or giving up.


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    That was a splendid advice Vandana. I was just looking for something like this, which aren't really available on the net (as per my search). Actually I don't have any AdSense account, but when I was new to this, I tried from blogger (without much content) and naturally got rejected.
    In between I got one domain registered and simultaneously got involved with Techulator too. So, the domain is just lying there, without any content. I am struggling with time to balance both. But if things are clear in mind, working becomes a little bit easier.

    You have really done that for me. So thanks once again. I'll follow by it.

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