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    What is your opinion regarding Techulator now?

    We have been posting our complaints, our grudges and grumbles and thanks too for the features, usability, norms and bugs that we face in this site.
    Since last few months many changes have taken place in the rules and regulations, in the interface, discussion topics and also in the pace of our favorite site.
    We have come more closer to each other, we are knowing the site more closely, we shared our opinions and asked for those changes to make from our webmasters which they have made for us so beautifully.
    For example, the image uploading system has become more than just comfortable. Posting resources is a pleasure now.
    The speed in which our posts are also being evaluated has increased for better.
    So friends come and share your views, how you are enjoying this site, and also cheer up the webmasters and editors a bit, who are working so hard to make us feel comfortable.
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    After you posted a complaint recently, things have improved a lot in TEC. Thanks for your support.

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    Sir, thank you so much for your acknowledgement, but it was a combined effort of all, that has given such a nice shape to this site. Hope others will also agree and participate.

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    Well, what has changed for good is the faster reviews of resources and AE section. Unlike the olden days wherein articles were generally reviewed over the weekend, we have been witnessing reviews almost daily. That's one of the positive developments which motivates the contributors further.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Yes Timmappa, the Ask Expert section has picked up the required speed since you have joined as an editor to that section. The same spirit has touched the resource section as well.
    But what I am saying is, overall the site has become much more vibrant and lively now a days. In my personal opinion, I feel quite happy with these changes.
    Want to know about other members too.

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    Yes, the system of reviewing posts quickly has drastically improved. It would be nice if we had more active members in the forum. In fact, overall too I think we need to promote this site more to get more members to join up.

    I would like to mention here is that what I like about from the first is the high cash credits being given for articles and for awards too. I also like the fact that there is not just one super contributor award but 3 for each section. That way, more members get keen to contribute & compete for the award.


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    Yes, Techulator has really changed much in the last few months.

    (A). Contributions page of our profile has changed
    (B). Now the Ask Expert section is reviewed quickly even on the same day of contributions
    (C). Now the Article sections is review mostly everyday at night around 10PM
    (D). Somehow the layout of the site has changed
    (E). And much more

    All of these changes have made Techulator more better so thanks to the webmaster. The editors are now much active on the site and that has really encouraged the members to post more and more content. The result can be simply seen in the table of the "Last 7 Days Top Contributors list".


    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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