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    What is the criteria for member ranking in Techulator?

    Actually, I didn't want to ask this under this complaint category, but that will be another complaint itself that there is no category like "queries" or "appeal" in this section.
    Now, as far as my knowledge goes, the member ranking in Techulator depends on the frequency of activity taken place within a week's time.
    I was getting the rank so far as per my calculation and expectation. but last week, my member rank didn't change.
    I just want to know the process here, or say the criteria that decides the member ranking.
    It really feels good to see the rank moving upwards, and bad to see it stagnant or going down.
    That is indeed another morale booster of this site.
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    Member ranking depends on three factors :

    1. Total points earned by the member.

    2. Total points earned in last 3 months is some weightage.

    3. Total points earned in last 30 days is given more weightage.

    This means, your ranking would be lower, even if you have higher earned more points than others.

    Re-calculation of member ranking is done once in a week, on Sunday midnight.

    Reference : Member ranking .

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    I knew these factors what you said, that's why the confusion came up that:
    Then how come each week it is getting evaluated and the rank is getting changed?
    And if it is an automated process, why it didn't change for this week?
    How it was continuously changing in all these weeks as per my calculation?

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    Member rank used to change every week by an automated process based on the criteria mentioned by Muddassir above. However, the system has some issues with it. Member rank would change only if a member logged in. In some cases, a few members got a higher rank, say 18 and did not log In for around 7-8 months. Their ranking used to stay at 18. All the members who are more active than this particular member got lower ranking. To make sure those issues do not happen, Tony sir made some changes and that has resulted in little changes in the member ranking system.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Thank you Timmappa for sharing this useful information. But it would be still better if you let us know what are the changes which have been recently made in this ranking system.
    Regarding logging in, I don't think a member can be active in the site anyway without logging in. In my case I always login and then do the things.
    This time I was more active than the earlier weeks, so I expected the rank to get upwards as usual. But when that didn't take place, so just became curious to know the reason behind it.

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    The same question was raised by Muddasiir a few months ago. I had given the same response as provided now by him. Tony sir had taken note of the issue and implemented some changes on trial basis.
    Though, I am not in clear understanding of the changes that have been incorporated, maybe this previous discussion may help you getting your doubts cleared.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    I think we should not worry too much about the ranking system since any way it is not a criteria as such for aspects like deciding awards. We should simply focus on our contributions rather than on what is our rank each week.

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