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    Benefits of Statcounter account - do you use it regularly?

    We have a very useful tool for tracking our contributions to, namely the Statcounter acount. It not only helps us to know how many visits come each day to various posts, but also gives us an insight into keywords that brought traffic to our pages. We even come to know if traffic is coming through from another site. What's more, in case (God forbid!) you are subject to click bombing, you can check the IP from where such adverse activity was generated.

    So hope you all have a Statcounter account & are checking it out from time to time if not daily. Make the most of it!
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    Yes, I have signed in Statcounter and as it keeps coming in my emails, I get to check the stats.
    But as I said in my earlier forum post, a more detailed report would have been more useful, than the way it is given.
    That is because in that way, we get to know which topic of ours are more captivating and which of them had been written well.

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    Yes, I agree with your points. Statcounter is very useful tool for checking traffic stats of a site. It has lots of useful features and most importantly, it is free to use. I have implemented it in all three sites I contribute; TEC, ISC and ITB.

    The only problem I have encountered so far with statcounter is, "Keywords Unavailable". Most of the time it does not show the original search term/keyword. Apart from this, it is is a very good tool.

    So far, I have a total of 13,139 page views in my statcounter account. Out of which, 12,984 are from Techulator only.

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    I too use the Statcounter regularly. But it does not offer you detailed information as Anwesha pointed out.
    By the way, is there any mobile app available for the service?

    Live....and Let Live!

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    I do not think there is any mobile app available. However, you can view the Stats of traffic that come in through mobile devices. Here's how:
    1. Click on a project (e.g.Techulator)
    2. In the left side pane of listed links, click on Browsers.
    This will show you the traffic coming from Mobile browsers and other browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.


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