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    Check traffic feature feedback

    I was checking out some of my Ask Expert questions to see if they are getting any traffic. I found something strange. The figure showing under 'All Time' is less than what is showing under 'Last 1 Year'. How is that possible? Should not the All Time figure be more if the post is over a year old or equal to 'Last 1 Year' if it is of just one year's traffic?

    I also checked with my articles and saw the same strange issue.

    Have any other members experienced this for their Ask Expert questions or articles? Could you check? Or is it that I have got confused about the traffic figures? Can anybody explain it clearly?
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    Yes, I was checking my ASK EXPERTS questions to see whether any one of them has reached a figure of 1000 visits. There was a big difference between "All Time" and "Last One Year". I was actually thinking of pointing it out on the forum, but since none of questions have crossed one year period , I just stopped reporting it.
    Now, it comes as a real bug. I just hope to see it resolved.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Now I have a very stupid question to ask.
    That is, is there any other way to track the traffic in Techulator other than the Statcounter?
    Please let me know if there is any.
    By the way, I was noticing such a feature below the articles last few days, but today it is not appearing.
    Please explain me how to track the traffic for a particular section, as the statcounter doesn't give any categorized report in that sense.

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    Anwesha, no question is ever too stupid to ask! My basic principle is always: If you don't ask, how will you know? It is better to get your doubts clarified than blunder around aimlessly not knowing what is what.

    You are right about the Check traffic feature no longer appearing for articles. No idea why it vanished so will ask the Webmasters.

    I did not quite understand what you meant by the Stat Counter report not giving "categorized" reports. Please explain.


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    What I mean to say is, as you said you were checking the traffic for Ask Expert Section or Article section, like that there is no such section described in the statcounter report that is coming in my email. It only gives total count of visits per day.
    I have also seen many posts saying some particular AE question has crossed 1000 visitors or so. From where do they get that information?
    And my final question is, is there any other way to track the traffic in Techulator, other than the Statcounter?

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    Ok, got it. It is true that Statcounter does not have a feature to check traffic for a section but, as you said, they track visits per day. Unless we pay for an upgrade, I think we cannot track all time traffic for any post. The members who are reporting the traffic crossing 1000 visitors probably did use the check traffic feature. After all, it was working fine till now.

    Another way to check is of course through channels in the Google AdSense account, which gives us info on page views for a specific URL (channel). However, I don't think that matches the stats shown by Statcounter or the Check traffic feature here. So basically we are back to square one! Let's wait for the Webmasters to respond here and guide us.


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    Oh! That was really a relief to know. I was thinking I might be missing out some fantastic feature so far.
    Thanks Vandana, for clearing off my doubts.

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