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    Why isn't Windows 10 listed in here?

    When I wanted to post a discussion regarding Windows 10, I didn't find it listed here. I think in the current year, there would be loads of issues to be discussed regarding Windows 10. I request the webmasters to include the heading Windows 10 under the category of Operating systems in the Forum section as soon as possible.
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    That's like a shocking thing to know that Windows 10 isn't included in the list to create a discussion thread on Techulator.

    Windows 10 is very popular nowadays. There are many people who are searching to know the details about it. So I guess it will be great if we can have the Windows 10 category included while creating a thread. I hope the webmaster will include it in the category soon. Great suggestion Anwesha.

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    Sugar, please refrain from quoting the complete text of the discussion. It is treated as a deliberate attempt at garnering points. Elongating your responses just for the sake of getting more points is treated as unethical. I would advice you to kindly refrain from it.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Though I did not tried to fetch points. I will keep this in mind for the future contributions.

    Timmappa Kamat,
    I guess you accidentally typed "Sugar" rather than typing "Sagar". Being friendly, I would like to inform you about this type error and I hope you will make the necessary changes as soon as possible.

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    Oh My God! Anyhow, isn't that sweet enough to be called Sugar?.
    Actually, I was typing Sagar itself, but I am right now on my smartphone- the auto correction changed it to Sugar!

    Live....and Let Live!

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    However, some of my friends call me "Sugar". Its fine to hear that but as per it was a Forum response on Techulator, I suggest you to please edit your response and make the correct change.

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    I think the discussion has lost its track, though its nice to follow such lovely, friendly, corrective conversation, the point raised here isn't getting addressed at all.

    Another suggestion is, if there is anything to be corrected, can't the member be alerted through a private message? I don't think discussing those things over a particular thread is a good idea.

    Anyways, hope the webmasters are following the discussion and finally will include Windows 10 within this list. Waiting for a response from them.

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    I have forwarded your suggestion to the Webmasters & hope they consider it. Actually I just realized when looking at the forum categories under Forum » Operating Systems, even Windows 8.1 did not get a place in the forum.

    I was thinking that it could also be possible to place all the OS related to Windows as a single category, the way we have in Ask Experts » Operating Systems » Windows OS. That would avoid a clutter of various sub-categories. It is quite possible a future new avataar will come along too!


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    Thank you Vandana. I think that is really a good idea and the webmasters would also find it easier to work with.

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    I am happy to inform you that, thanks to your initiative, we now have a separate Windows 10 category. This thread of yours will will be the first to be honoured with a place there!


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    That was a real good news Vandana. Thanks for letting me know. I think, another thing has to be included in the category of Article section and that is the hybrid devices. Like Surface Pro, which is a combination of laptop and tablet.
    I don't know however, whether this would be technically required or not. Just that yesterday, I was not getting a right category to post my article.

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