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    Are you satisfied with Windows 10?

    I have upgraded into Windows 10 a week back. Since then I had to spend a lot of time on everything I do. I didn't experience anything so great in this new version of Windows. Rather it is taking too long to resume, doesn't have the hibernation option which Windows 7 had, and when I come back from the Sleep mode, the Start Menu opens up, which doesn't make things any smoother but creates a hindrance, when I want to go straight to the programs.

    The Edge browser too didn't prove anything better than Chrome. Rather, ever since this has been installed, each page is taking excessive time to load, and in most cases pages are becoming unresponsive.

    I don't know whether I am technically right or wrong, but my overall experience with Windows 10 isn't getting that smooth. Friends please share your experiences of using Windows 10.
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    I haven't used the Windows 10 on my PC yet. Though I was thinking to upgrade my Windows 7 Ultimate to the latest/trending Windows 10 as per its great features. I have been reading many reviews on Internet regarding the trending Windows 10 and they all really made me confused for upgrading my system to Windows 10.

    Thanks Anwesha for sharing your review on Windows 10. Now after having many reviews on Windows 10, I guess it will be better to have my Windows 7 Ultimate as such. I am using Windows 7 from a long time and I am satisfied with it yet. I haven't faced any problem with it and I guess it is the best basic Windows we can use on our computers/laptops. It is designed very well and the web pages also gets loaded very fast with the popular Google Chrome or the Mozilla Firefox browser.

    I have also used Windows 8 on my PC but as I am quite addicted to the computer games, I changed my Windows 8 to Windows 7 Ultimate a few months back. As most of the computer games require Windows 7 to install.

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    Even I was quite satisfied with Windows 7. That went easy from the first instance and never had given any trouble.
    Now even I am thinking of switching back to it.

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    Right now, I have a windows 7 installed on my system. I guess I should continue with for a couple of months. Going by the reviews and many tutorials about the things that might go wrong while upgrading to Windows 10 - I have been feeling a bit scary.
    I have now decided to wait for a coupLe of months before opting for an upgrade as I hope to see most of the issues resolved by then.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    As I am quite addicted to play computer games. I was using Windows 8 in the last month and I was planing to play the "WWE 2K15" on my computer but after some time I came to know that it requires Windows 7-64bit for installing it.

    Then I tried to change my Windows 8 to the Windows 7-64bit. But while installing it I made a mistake and that resulted to the failure and I lost my working CPU. Then I took my CPU to the computer shop and they asked for Rs 250 for solving my problem. The problem was something related to registry.

    Hardly I saved that amount for getting my CPU working again. So after that I haven't changed the Windows yet and I guess I will not even do without a proper step by step guide of it. So keeping this issue in my mind I am not planning to change my Windows 7 Ultimate to the new Windows 10.

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    I was quite thrilled to upgrade my PC from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 for 2 main reasons:
    1. It was totally free and I did not have to pay a single rupee/US$

    2. That silly Charms Menu is not part of the new OS. I was really bugged with that feature the most in the previous OS. Each time so much as a slight touch at the right side or corner would make it pop up like a Jack-in-the-box! It literally made me angry to have my work interrupted. If I was typing something, suddenly what do I see? The last few letters of the word I typed popping up in the Search box of the charms menu. Ridiculous.

    Other than not getting any free anti-virus as per my wish list in the article I wrote, as of now I am pretty happy with Windows 10.


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