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    Have the scoreboard calculations changed in Techulator?

    Techulator seems to have undergone some changes in the score board calculations. Earlier, when we posted a response in the AE section, the corresponding points used to get included in the total points earned so far in the section. It had nothing to do with whether the responses have been reviewed or not. It does not seem to be the case anymore. The points get added only after they are reviewed and approved.
    Same goes with Resource response submissions. The points do not seem to get added to the score board until they are reviewed.
    To elaborate the topic, I had 13 points in the resource responses for the month of August so far. Even after posting two responses - totalling 7 points, my resource response total stays at 13. However, the points get added in my member dashboard. I cant see the points added when I check my contribution via "My Profile".
    Has it been done intentionally or is it a bug?
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    This change was done today, intentionally. Earlier, the scoreboard was showing the points from new and pending posts. This was causing lot of confusion to many members since the numbers will not match their their total points and total earnings. That's why I made the change today.

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    Thanks for the quick update , Tony sir. This has resolved the doubts I had in my mind.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Glad to see this change. It is best to have the points of fully approved posts on our scoreboard rather than those still in hibernation in the new submission list or those which got shifted to pending status by an editor. Less chaos in our mental statistical component!

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