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    Imagine a Week without Google and its Impact

    Can you imagine a week without Google? Come up with witty ideas!

    In today's scenario, internet is an integral part of our daily life. We can't live a day without checking Google, facebook, twitter, Techulator etc. Out of these, Google is almost synonymous to internet itself. It has a vast number of services including a Search Engine, a Video Host - Youtube, a Social Network - Google Plus, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Drive/Docs, Android and many more.

    This clearly shows that, Google is the most important part of our online life. Now, what if Google goes down for a week? You need to imagine some possible scenarios that may occur due to the downtime of Google and its services.

    Here are some possible instances instances :
    - Bing/Yahoo would experience huge increase in search traffic and almost half of the searches would be related to Google like "Google Down", "Google Alternatives" etc.

    - Sites like TEC, ISC, Hubpages, Mashable, Wikihow, LifeHacker etc. would loss great amount of traffic and money as well.

    - Many people won't understand whether their net connection is working or not.

    - Students of IIN (Idea Internet Network) would miss their important lectures and class for a week due to Youtube's downtime. They would waste another one month striking against Google due to their educational loss.

    - Spiderman won't be able to make its Spidey suite (for those who have watched The Amazing Spider-Man 1 movie) during this downtime.

    - Techulator and other sites would be filled with questions related to the downage.

    Lets share some more possible cases and try to be creative and humorous if possible.
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    It would be a big disaster if that ever happens. You have been asking about the consequences about a week's downtime, imagine what would happen if it goes down for just a couple of days!
    It will lead to loss in revenue for companies -especially for those indulged in Internet marketing. There will be default in payments, bankruptcy and what not.
    People who gain would be those professionals involved in SEO/SEM as they would be much in demand by the companies looking to improve the conditions and gain the revenue back on track.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    There are some of the offices where Google is banned too. They only allow outlook exchange app. And this is to only check the office resource. And most fo the work they have is within their own intranet infrastructure. So it's not hard to believe a day without Google. I was teen when accessing Internet would cost 40Rs in india. So I know it is not that hard to stay without internet.

    What I do think is that today's generation would be finding it harder to complete their homework or college assignments without internet. It's really harder for them to check books and then come up with something original.

    Those people who are relying heavily on Google for their job are going to be affected.

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    A week without Google would definitely put a large majority of Net users into a tizzy! However, those who do have alternate email services would not be that badly affected. Also, as mentioned, there are other search engines available through which somebody searching for something can still get information. Publishers and advertisers of the Google AdSense program are likely to be the most affected as you are indicating all related services of Google too would be absent. That would be a horrendous dent in earnings for thousands for sure.

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    I too think so. Adsense Publishers would be the most affected community among all them.

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    Leaving business community aside, the days of internet addicts who are now more than the number of drug addicts I guess, would be in real soup.
    Apart from blocked emails, those who are looking for things, people and especially information that they need for their basic regular life, would be at a halt.

    Some other search engines will enjoy their importance but we all would repent for depending so much on Google, and if they announce it a day before, all the Facebook users will change their log in emails to Yahoo.

    Yahoo will grin and say Y A H O O O O !!!!

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