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    Where to check the added AdSense in TEC?


    I added the pub ID of my approved Google AdSense account. It got added successfully and gave the message as the following,

    "The below ad is a live AdSense ad and it is rendered using your pub id ...".

    Do I need to do anything more or is this enough to earn from Google Adsense for my articles from TEC?

    Where do I check whether my Googlr AdSense account was linked to TEC?

    Waiting for your response?
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    After adding your Adsense Publisher ID in Techulator, you need to add "" as an authorized site in your Adsense dashboard. After that, you can check the your earnings from Adsense account itself.

    Read my response no. #22050 in this thread for more information - How to add in my Adsense account ? .

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    Congrats on the successful association of your AdSense account with TEC. You now do not need to do anything - other than continue with consistent contributions. The more you contribute, the better your earnings.

    Once you have added this site as an authorized site as instructed by Muddasir, you need to create channels of the various sections of this site in order to know which section is giving you earnings. In case you are not aware of how this is done:
    1. Log in to your AdSense account.
    2. Go to 'My ads' tab.
    3. Click on 'URL channels'.
    4. You will see a thin rectangular box '+New URL channel'. Click on that.
    5. Now a box will appear in the middle of your screen with the heading 'Add new URL channel'. In that box, you can copy-paste the URLs of this site, one URL per line. So you can put the home page and section-wise URLs too like this:
    6. Additionally, you can put URLs of individual posts too. For example, you can put the URL of an article you posted or of an Ask Expert thread where you posted a query or gave an answer.
    7. You should also put the URL of your profile page, namely:

    Now all you need to do is contribute & check which of the sections is generating earnings for you via the 'Performance Reports' tab at your AdSense account, selecting the day/month as per what you wish to know.


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    That's a very interesting trick posted by Vandana ma'am. Since I don't have Adsense account, I wasn't aware of it. Thanks for sharing. I will surely try it out in future.

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    Thankyou so much Muddassir and Vandana. This is really amazing! Thanks a lot again! :)

    Two more quick questions are the following:

    1) Will these URLs need to approved by Google or will they be active and working right I added them?

    2) Will the "Performance reports" shows the performance of the URLs which I added immediately or will it take some time?

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    1. URLs don't need approval. They are just there.
    2. It will take a couple of hours for data to appear on adding a URL as a channel.

    Note that simply because you do not see earnings it does not indicate that the channel is invalid. Some posts/sections may not get you earnings at all ever. As you know, earnings are accrued for good traffic generating posts so it all depends on what you post - and perhaps a bit of luck in hitting the jackpot for some specific post, be it an article or an AE thread!


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    I checked your profile. You had posted your last/latest resource in December, 2014. It is around 8 months now since your last article. I suggest you to post more resources on latest topics like smartphones, apps, games etc. So that, you can get some earnings from Google Adsense. You can also make use of Ask Experts and Forum section to increase your earnings.

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    Hi Muddassir,

    Yes my last post was in December 2014. But will I earn even on those posts or only on latest posts?

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    Well, according to Adsense revenue sharing rule, you will get Adsense earnings on those articles till December 2015. Still, I am not completely confirmed about it as I never used Adsense here. Webmaster or an editor may confirm this.

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    Members do have 1 year of the AdSense earnings as per the policy of the revenue sharing program. However, those who are consistent contributors could contact the Webmasters directly and request for an extension. That is, instead of getting the earning just for 1 year from the date of your post, you could get for 2 years of even more.

    You can also continue to get earnings from earlier dated posts by using the republish feature. At each of your article's page, you will see the blue link for this feature (next to attachments at the top, below your name/member level). If you are getting good traffic to a particular article, you can use this republish feature. What happens is that then the article's republished date appears and thus it becomes a fresh new article for search engines.


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