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    How to add in my Adsense account ?


    I came across this sentence in Techulator,

    "After you become a GOLD level member, Create Google AdSense account. You will automatically start earning revenue from your existing posts as soon as you get your AdSense account approved by Google."

    So, to create Google AdSense account, I think we need to give some website address(if we have one). But, to earn from Techulator through Google AdSense, do I need to mention in my Google AdSense account or not? If not, how to proceed further?

    Could some one explain me the steps to get revenue from Google AdSense for my posts on

    Waiting for your Response!
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    You cannot use a hosted AdSense account on Techulator. If you have your own AdSense account, you can associate it with your Techulator account. You will earn revenue share for all your content in every section of the site.
    To assocciate your AdSense account, go to your member dashboard. Under "Revenue Settings" look for " Manage your AdSense account". Provide your AdSense account details here. Please note that you will need to enter your pub id in the space provided.
    You need to be a Gold member or higher to be eligible to associate your Google AdSense account on Techulator.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    As already mentioned above, you cannot use a hosted Adsense account in Techulator. In order to earn money from Adsense in Techulator, you need to have a fully approved Adsense account.

    Here are the steps to integrate Adsense with Techulator :

    1. Enter your Adsense Publisher ID here and click on save button.

    2. Then, login to your Adsense account and click on the "Account Settings" tab.

    3. Now, look for "Access and authorization" and then "Sites authorized to show ads".

    4. Click on the "edit".

    5. Then, enter "techulator" as the site name.

    6. That's it.

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    Thanks a lot Timmappa and Muddassir for your help!

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