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    Best tips and tricks to increase earnings through affiliate programs

    I was amazed to know that some members seem to have got payments from affiliate programs as per this thread. How are you all getting good earnings? It has been over 2 years since I joined Amazon India's affiliate program and to date have not reached the minimum payment level at all even once. In fact, have got barely a hundred rupees!

    Could you all please share your tips and tricks? Is it really worth signing up for an affiliate program?

    Could you also mention when you joined an affiliate program, which one, after how many months you got your first payment and whether you are still expecting good earnings from it?
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    I have signed both in Amazon and Flipkart. In the blog which I maintain, I have kept the search bars and also product banners.
    Then I keep sharing those blogs on social media, especially in my joined groups which are quite in number. There you get good views and among friend circles, it works even better, if they are making any online purchase.
    It is basically on sharing your personal experience regarding a product, and then sometimes they go searching for their own items too. In all these cases, things work at least by increased traffic, if not always in purchase.

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    But, does increased traffic fetch any revenue? As far as my info goes, affiliate programs need purchase to get revenue. Please enlighten me on this.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Too much bogus does not add any value in affiliate marketing. You get money only when someone purchases the item you have mentioned. Therefore, relevant traffic is a must thing in affiliate marketing instead of having too many low quality and irrelevant visitors.

    It has been seen that traffic from foreign countries like US and UK is very helpful for making affiliate sales. Try to get traffic from these sources.

    One more thing, try to get as much as organic traffic as possible. Visitors that enter into your site directly from search engines are more likely to buy the mentioned product. To achieve organic traffic, you need to create quality backlinks.

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    If I send a referral link to a friend through my email and a purchase is made, would that be counted as a valid referral?

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    Vandana, a referral link if emailed to someone is a valid referral for most affiliates except It is against their policy to use referral links in this way. They may even ban or suspend your associates account.

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    A wasn't even aware of it Amit, thanks for sharing such a great information.

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    Its very right to say that affiliate programs requires someone to buy the product, which rarely happens. Many of my friends are trying to earn through the affiliate programs but no one have reached the minimum payout yet. The numbers or the structures are quite close what you mentioned in the thread. Though I can try to help you by suggesting you with some of tips to earn well through the affiliate programs.

    According to me, the best method to earn through the affiliate programs is to share your product with the foreigners from America, England, Australia etc on the social networking websites like Facebook. The users from these countries can be the best possibility for buying the products.

    Also try to fetch their traffic from the organic source. Don't waste your time by asking the people from India as they are rarely going to buy the product.

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    On the one hand you are saying to share on Facebook & on the other hand you are saying to get traffic from organic sources. Traffic from Facebook won't be organic as per the answers which came in for my query What is organic traffic and how to get it?. Organic traffic will be that which comes from a search engine only.


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    I have never sent referral links via email to anyone, but am curious to know as to how they will know somebody bought a product via an email referral? After all, it is a URL link within the text of the email, the email being private.


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    I was trying to say that you should get traffic from both the sources but try hard to get the traffic from the organic source, the search engine.

    "Also try to fetch their traffic from the organic source". Here I mentioned "also" for considering both organic and non-organic traffic.

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