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    Cash Rewards storage on Techulator

    Recently I crossed the payment mark but I don't want to cash out now so I want to know to till how many days or years I can store payment in my account?
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    Well, that's quite easy. You can set a minimum payout amount. Your payment will not be announced till the specified amount is reached.
    Go to your Dashboard. Scroll down to Payments and Revenue Settings. Scolding down here again, you can find Minimum Payout Amount. Set a limit which you want to. This will ensure that your payments will remain on hold we until the specified amount is reached.
    Hope it has been cleared now.

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    Sir but I want to ask that for how many days I can store my cash rewards in my account?
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    You cannot set the time period for holding up the payment. You can only set a minimum payout amount. As soon as the amount reaches the minimum amount set by you, the payment will be announced.
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    We don't have any time limit set. Typically a few months will not be a problem. Since the beginning, we have allowed members to hold for years together without any issues. If we ever set a time limit, we will give a few months notice.

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