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    What is the idea behind

    There are many website exists in World Wide Web which gives detailed review about any product specifically electronic products. Few sites are giving information about electronic devices and how to use them in the form of articles. Techulator is also a website which gives detail and information about any electronic products, recent technology, use of those product and technology. So, what is different in Techulator in comparison of those other websites. We can find websites like Techulator, but what is unique in Techulator? I hope the answer must come from the webmaster, himself.
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    Though I am not the webmaster, just a member, I can see the uniqueness of Techulator from a different perspective.
    The other sites are only sources of information yes, but they are not a platform where any budding writer can join and build up their confidence by earning in real terms.
    Whereas there are plenty of content writing sites too, none of them are so accommodating as Techulator, as far my experience goes.
    It is unbiased, neutral, encouraging and rewarding. The uniqueness lies in maintaining its ethical standard when it comes into money matters. What it promises, it keeps.
    And that is a rare quality today, isn't it?

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    Techulator excels in its honesty. There are a plethora of sites which promise good earning, but you cannot always believe them. Techulator on the other hand, does what it preaches. The members and the team here are cordial and helpful.
    It is also a great source of motivation for the content writers. It just hones your writing skills. The team let's you improve your mistakes by providing worthwhile suggestions.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Techulator is different than other technology based sites in many ways.

    First and foremost, it pays money to its contributors in the form of cash credit and through Google Adsense Revenue sharing program.

    Secondly, content of techulator is of very high quality specially in Resource and Ask Experts section. It is highly moderated site. Information is less biased.

    One more thing which I like about techulator is that, the webmaster is very quick to respond on site related queries despite the fact that he is one of busiest person alive maintaing over 40 sites. It is extremely rare on other sites.

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    That is what exactly I should agree , Muddassir. Tony Sir is in fact the biggest strength of Techulator. In spite of his busy schedule, he always comes quick to respond to the queries being posted by members.
    Same can be stated about the other team members and webmasters as well. All of them are very efficient with their moderation and also cooperative attitude towards the members of the site. They tend to guide the members wholeheartedly whenever they cite difficulty. I do not think such kind of relationship between webmasters/website owners and the contributors can be witnessed in any other site.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    There may be other sites who are there to share Adsense revenue, but I haven't come across any other site, which directly pays cash credit to all the posts submitted by any member of the site.
    Apart from it, it always keeps up the spirit of the budding writers through different award programs and everybody feels at home. In spite of being a highly moderated site, it is a very rare case that a post doesn't get awarded.
    What is even more rare is, Techulator is open to criticism, and the webmasters are doing a great job in improving the site for user benefit round the year.
    Leave alone the topics it covers, it doesn't encourage promoting articles, but only appraises real reviews, which deliver the first hand experiences of any product or technological devices.
    Points are endless, out of which these are only few.

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