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    My points didn't get updated at all this time

    I won this article contest on Coolpad Dazen 1. As per the announcement, my cash credit is showing the addition, but my points are the same.
    Last time I raised a complaint on this issue, that my points are lesser than my earnings, which is obviously a bug, but it didn't get rectified till now.
    And this time it didn't get updated at all.

    Looking at the winner announcement I can see, that there is nothing told about the points, is it the reason, that points didn't get updated this time? I am bothered a little because points are also important in TEC, as it is the deciding factor of the membership level too apart from playing the role of the moral booster.

    I am curious to know whether any other member is also facing the same issue.
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    The article contest prize does not come with any extra points. It just gives the cash credits.

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    Thank you Sir for clarifying my doubts. Was it the case with other contests as well? Might be that the reason that my earnings are more than the points.

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    Article contests do not carry additional points for the winners. You get reward in terms of ash rewards of Rs. 250 for the winning entries.
    The same goes true for the regular super contributor awards in resource, forum and AE sections. They do not carry any extra points. Only awards that carry additional points benefit are the MOW and MOM awards which carry 50 and 100 points respectively.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Yes Timmappa, even Tony Sir explained me just now.
    Its all set and I am relieved from this discomfort.

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