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    Do I have to be Gold member to associate my non-hosted Google AdSense account?

    Dear Editor(s)/Webmaster,

    I have to approved non-hosted Google AdSense account for my blog I want to associate my non-hosted Google AdSense account with this site (i.e. So, the question is, do I have to be Gold member first in this site to earn revenue? I am eagerly and very enthusiastic to contribute in this site. How much I can earn in proposition to

    Thanks and Regards
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    Unlike India Study Channel, Techulator doesn't have Adsense API revenue sharing Program in action. It means you cannot use Techulator to create an Adsense account.

    However, as you mentioned that you have non-hosted Adsense account, then you can integrate this account with Techulator. Just goto your Adsense Dashboard and enter your Publisher ID. In ISC, members get 90% Adsense revenue, but in Techulator, you will get 100% Adsense revenue.

    Moreover, in Techulator, you do not need to reach Gold level membership. You can integrate your Adsense account with Techulator even if you are a Bronze level member.
    Read response no. #16755 of this thread for the confirmation - Successfully reached gold level at Techulator and need approval for adsense linkage .

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    @Mudassir, today itself I was just browsing Techulator and found it written in this linkhere in the number 1 paragraph that in this site one gets 90% revenue share from Google AdSense, though I haven't gone through the ISC rules.

    Though I don't have any Adsense account yet, I am curious to know whether the rules have been updated and announced somewhere else.

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    Thanks Mudassir,
    I have one more question, when I go to Settings>Access and authorization>Third party access, in my Google AdSense account, the name or URL of techulator doesn't show, why?

    HOD (CSE), AKSU, Satna
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    Yes, Anwesha - the rules have been updated and now one gets 100% ad revenue share for the Google AdSense account. ISC offers 90% revenue share. This information has been shared by Tony Sir in This thread .
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    Timmappa Kamat

    The link you have shared in the response #21983, is not clickable. Please, provide the same in clickable manner.


    HOD (CSE), AKSU, Satna
    Life is full of surprises and compromises!

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    I noticed it just now that the link is not clickable. It was because of a typing error that it went unclickable. Sorry for the mistake. It has been corrected now. Thanks for alerting.
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    The thread you mentioned in response no. #21981 was posted in January 2013. At the time when, TEC had Adsense API Revenue Sharing program. Due to this program, It used to share 90% Adsense revenue with its members.

    Somewhere in March 2013, Techulator lost its Premium Adsense API. Tony sir made an announcement about this in a different thread here . Since then, Techulator is distributing 100% Adsense Revenue to its members.

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    Thanks Mudassir for forum thread AdSense-API-revenue-sharing-program-in-Techulator. Now, I have got the whole information.
    HOD (CSE), AKSU, Satna
    Life is full of surprises and compromises!

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    We are currently not using the AdSense API program. The API program allows us to take a portion of the earnings from members. However, since we don't have that option, we are currently forced to share 100%. We are not officially publishing this since we want to revert 90:10 model in future, if there is a way comes up.

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