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    Why TEC doesn't have RSB?

    Techulator and India Study Channel are both sister sites. Both share almost same types of awards and rewards to their members. For example, Member of the Month, Member of the Week, Super Contributor awards are present in both sites.

    However, ISC has one amazing reward for its members, namely "Revenue Share Bonus" or RSB. Every month, it is distributed to the top 20 members of the site on the basis of their contribution. Why there is no such award in TEC even though it has very good amount of revenue, I guess. I read somewhere in the forum that, once Techulator too had the Revenue Share Bonus reward. But somehow it has been stopped.

    Why there is no RSB in Techulator? Do you think It should be revived since we can't use our Hosted Adsense account unlike ISC?
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    Each site has its own mode of operation. The pay rates in Techulator is much higher than ISC. We are currently giving 100% AdSense share, allow members to use Infolinks and also pay decent cash credits to members. There is no enough fund with us to offer an additional revenue share bonus.

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    I guess I should agree with what Tony sir said. The members in Techulator are paid quite handsomely than those on ISC. Leave alone other sections, but the resources section itself can be sighted as an example. You cannot expect the kind of rewards in ISC. So, is there any need for the additional reward?
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    Tony sir is right in his words that Techulator provides better revenue (As per my observation in ISC and Techulator) and 100 percent Google AdSense revenue to the member for 1 year. So, there is not need of Revenue Share Bonus as in ISC.


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